Sunday, January 4, 2009

Projectile vomitting

Well I know I just updated a few hours ago but since then Ava has thrown up three more times. It is dark green and smells like poop. The last two have been 175-200ml's each time. She hasn't even drank that much today so I'm not sure where it is coming from. She does have a doctor's appointment Tuesday but I fear she may be leaning towards a total bowel obstruction and not just a partial that was shown just a few week ago with the swallow study test.

Please say a prayer that she will poop really good for us within the next day or we will probably be heading up shortly for another surgery. I hate the unknown. She acts fine after she throws up but for a while before it will come out I can tell she is in pain. She is leaning again in positions to ease the discomfort.

Thanks again for your prayers. We need them bad. I'm not looking forward to going back to the hospital. I have been feeling very anxious the last few days almost like my body is warning me.



Jaxsons Fight said...

What an angel. I can't tell you how glad I am to find your blog through Carsons blog. I have to friends whose babies did not survive CDH. What a survivor she is. Hugs from Lacey and Jax

Aep said...

I am so sorry!!!
Prayering tonight and the next days for you and sweet Ava! Stay strong, you are an amazing mommy!!
Hugs and prayers,
Ana and Marco

My Three Sons said...


I'll say a huge prayer for Ava. THis is such a hard thing to watch for any parent and I'm praying that she is going to get better soon and not be in so much pain.


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I really think she needs to go to the ER. Kaden can not throw up because he has a fundo but in the past when he has reherniated and green bile was coming out of his mickey button the doctor wanted us to immediately take him in. We went to our ER and they then flew him to our Children's hospital. This is just to make sure that he didn't have a bowel obstruction, we were told that he could go into shock if that was the case. Another experience we had with Kaden was after his initial repair. He couldn't handle his feeds. After some testing we found out that when the surgeon pulled his stomach down it ended up twisted. They had to go back in and fix it.

I will keep Ava in my prayers. I hope that you all find out what is going on really soon. Like I said, I would suggest you go ahead and take her into the ER tonight. Even so they can start an IV so she doesn't get dehydrated. Do you have a Children's hosptial close??? One that knows about diaphragmatic hernia repairs?

Keep us updated.


jenn miller said...

Hey Terri,
When Audrey was obstructed she was only 4 months old but she presented with constant projectile green vomit and eventually (it took 3 days for definate dxs due to poor reads of her upper GI) her tummy was nearly completely hard and ridiculously distended. Her pain level seemed to increase by the hour through the first 2 days, it was miserable. Also, she had been hospitalized about 2 wks prior for vomiting/dehydration and an ilius but it resolved (in hindsight, of course we could see that was the beginning of her obstruction).
I'll be praying this resolves!!

Anonymous said...

We are sending prayers your way! If you need anything let us know.


Liz and Shane Nelson said...

I am just reading your post this am. Shane and I are praying Ava is ok. She has been through so much already. We will keep looking for updates.

Fer said...

Terri, many, many prayers your way. Please keep us updated!