Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kick'em when your up, Kick'em when your down.

Hello to All! So Miss Ava has a new problem we learned of last night. The last three days or so I've been noticing Ava grabbing her at her bottom. Her bottom started getting red, irritated,and a tiny bit of blood. I asked them about it at the doctors on Tuesday. They told me to put cream on it and it was probably a rash. That didn't settle right with me although I did give her two suppositories the other day (per docs orders)to try and get her to pass her stool. (It didn't work.) Yesterday she wouldn't keep her pants or diaper on for nothing and she was itching so I called our local doctor. They got us in before the nightly "crowd" arrived to avoid germs. I was so happy to see that our favorite Doctor was there. They did a swab test and she has Perianal Streptococcal Dermatitis. In easy terms, Strep in her butt. Can you believe this? I called Josh in Iowa City and he felt bad. He said sometimes we forget she is a kid and she can get the very normal things as well. So for her treatment we are going to try and give the Amoxicillin through her NG tube. It has to stay down for one hour to get into her system. We did get an cream as well to double whammy it. Pray it works and fast. This may have been a big part of her problem the last few days.

Last night she slept a tad bit better. She still woke about 5-6 times whimpering. Poor baby girl but at least she wasn't crying. I suctioned only when I felt she was getting nauseous yesterday and last night. I got 500ml's out. Her urine output is on the low side so we are going to start her bolus hydration today. She is not dehydrated but they think she is using ALL her TPN to keep her hydrated and then there is not so much pee. I hope this makes sense as I was a little alarmed last night that her diaper wasn't soaked like normal. (Okay I just felt her diaper and it is pretty wet so I feel better. She is still sleeping.) She thought it was time to wake up at 6am this morning. Yea, not so good for Mommy.

On a good side, if there is one, she only threw up once yesterday. Naturally it was in the car on the way out to the doctor's office. Oh and I had no bucket. Her blanket caught it all!

We are hoping she starts to feel better soon.

Thanks for your prayers and messages. They truly help me in a way you will probably never know!



My Three Sons said...

I think Ava and Carson are related. He has a staph infection from an incision from 11/25. How the heck do they pick up all of these crazy things?

I hope Ava's stomach starts feeling better. Glad you had the blanket with you.

Take care,


Kathyb1960 said...

OH! I'm so sorry she has "bottom" problems. That's really uncomfortable. When I had my appendectomy 2 yrs ago, I had one little bed sore & that thing drove me crazy until it cleared up. I can't imagine the discomfort she's in for something that covers more area.

Ya'll are in my prayers!


The Rice Family said...

So sorry to hear about Ava's little bottom that can't be any fun at all. Hopefully it will heal quickly and help her feel better. I know what you mean when you said that you forget they are normal kiddos. Every time CJ would get sick we always thought it was something worse than what it was. Eventually when everything started slowing down we got used to the normal stuff. Sounds kinda funny and a little backwards when I say it outloud but I suppose thats how it goes. We love them anyways. Keep your head up.
Still praying

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

We hope Ava's bottom feels better soon and she stops throwing up. we
are thinking of you and have you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

sweet Ava! can someone give this poor child a break? it saddens me to read that she has yet another hurdle to overcome. i'm still praying, Terri. you are always in our thoughts.
Joanne and John Michael

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

Oh gosh Terri, I haven't checked in lately and had no idea Ava has been so sick. I really hope they do her surgery or figure something out soon. Throwing up stinks!!

blairspage said...

You are such a WONDERFUL Mom to push issues like this. Us Mom's JUST KNOW when something isn't right and I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that "questions" what the Dr's tell us!

Hugs to you guys!