Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prayers for extubation!!!

Okay I am smiling from ear to ear right this second. Dr. Shilyanski just came in and said that she looks great. He is watching a place on her incision as it appears a little red. Other than that he thinks she is doing very well.

The decesion was made to extubate. I am a nervous wreck. They think that since she was so strong yesterday and obviously breathing well before surgery that she no longer needs the breathing machine!! They were worried about swelling and how it would effect her lungs but al xrays look fabulous.

Please please pray things go smoothly. She is really moving and wanting to completely sit up. If we would let her she would roll all the way over on her knees. She hasn't opened her eyes yet this morning. She was adgitated by the pulsox on her thumb so and Brian wasn't helping the matter. He would say, "Well take it off Ava." and she picked and picked at it but since she was sedated pretty good she would fall back to sleep and then go at it again a few minutes later. It was precious to know that she understands all we are saying. Oh yea she also wanted Barney on TV. She is pointing at the screen. How funny huh?

So in about a half an hour we hope to have her off the ventialtor!


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Sending prayers your way!