Thursday, January 29, 2009

Incredible Strength!

Good Morning. Miss Ava is such a fighter. The docs and nurses are just astounded byt her strength. She does not want to be sedated. She had a pretty good night. She keeps reaching out to Brian and I as if to say, "Get me out of here Mom and Dad. I grab her hands and start singing her "Wiggles" songs. (Toot toot big red car, Hot Potatoe, Fruit saladand Barney's I love you!) They want her resting very well but the more they go up on her medicines the more she tries to move. What's the saying, "You can't keep a good girl down?" That our Ava!

I called the girls last night but forgot they had church. I left them a message and told them that Ava was doing really well. I miss them already.

She did get a fever (101.7) at about 10:30 last night. Her heartrate also increased to 180. She doesn't want covers on her at all. So we took them off and gave her Tylenol, that helped her a little bit. When she moves she tries to sit up, and she will move her entire bottom where ever she likes. Then at about 1:30 am she had a bowel movement. So now this morning the epideral has to come out, due to possible contamination. THe stool got no where near the epideral but I guess that is procedures. I was devastated. I know, since I've been here in this spot already this is not a good thing at all. I'm almost certain the breathing tube will have to stay in for a few more days and with her wanting to wake up she will have to be dosed pretty high to avoid her doing this. The whole point of the epideral was amother way, besides Narcotics to control pain. They won't extubate (take her off the ventiltor unless she is pretty low on her Narcotics. So I think this is a setback, in some ways. However I know that God knows perfectly well what He is doing. It is just so hard to "know" the next steps docs take because we "just know" the protocal.

I finally went to sleep at about 2am. I woke about 6:30 with a horrible headache. I feel a little better now. Here is her list of medicines: Fentenol-mcg, Versed-60mcg, Dex-1.25mcg. HEr PRN's are Fent-25mcg, Versed-1mcg, Vec-1.2 and Tylenol, Zosyn (antibodic).

Now I had to ask for her stomach to be measured. (You know me Miss keep track of things because I KNOW THINGS!) I was shocked that she was 48.5 cm's. (Remember the other day she was 56 cm's?) So wow was that great. Since last night she has gone up only 1 cm to 49.5 cm's. Let's pray it stays low but a little swelling is expected. We just don't want what we had last time.

Her doctor hasn't come in yet so when there is more I will of course update. Thanks again for your kindness. Love to you all~

~Terri, Brian, Lexis, Emeline, and Ava


My Three Sons said...

That is wonderful news to hear. Your right, she is taking control, which doens't surprise me with that little doll! LOL I pray that they will control her pain and that she recovers fast.

Take care and please try to get some rest.

Kathyb1960 said...

I am SOOO glad she is doing good!

I work at a place where we input meds, and when we get a med that is MCG we have to transpose it to MG's, and Fentanyl is one of the ones we do that for. So, 25 mcg on Fentanyl is .06 mg!

I'm not sure what 1.25 mcg is in mgs but I know it's 0.something.

I'm not sure what 60 is, but I know that 50 is 1.2, so probably about 1.6 or something.

I don't know if you really wanted that info or not, but I'm excited to be learning this info on meds, and it's interesting when I see it away from work!

My point was that it's good that she doesn't have to have high doses of these meds, b/c I've seen some that are like 100 mcgs!

God bless ya'll!