Friday, January 30, 2009

She is extubated!

I am happy to report she is now OFF the ventilator and breathing well on her own! The tube came out about an hour ago at 3pm or so. The epideral seems to be working just fine. I was very concerned about whether it was going to kill the pain. It can be left in for up to 5 days! One baby step at a time!

She has only opened her eyes twice. She is very sleepy. If you remember she was this way the last two times she has been extubated so we expected this reaction. We are praying that infection staya away. Her incision looks red in a few areas so we are keeping a close eye on that.

Ava got a Mic key button placed during surgery. This is a tube that sticks out of her stomach so that we can give her food and medicines through it. Plus wecan suction as well. Her NG tube is still in her nose as we are still getting green bile out of it. When it slows down this too will come out.

Please continue to pray! Thanks a million!

BUT again she did very well today. We saw another miracle today our baby is breathing all on her own! God is good!



The Rice Family said...

What a wonderful feeling it is to see tubes start to go away. Has she ever had the Mickey before? My son has had a mickey since he came home from the hospital. He has never eaten by mouth. If you end up going home with it for nutrition I would highly recomend the Zevex entralight it is light and has a little backpack that the kiddos can carry around on there own so that they are not tied down to a pole while they eat. It also works when it is on its side to they can do somersaults with it and it won't error on you. We have also used the Zevex Infinity but don't care for it as well. I don't like the way it doses. They say I'm crazy but I don't think it doses as well. We have used several pumps and I think the Entralight is the best. Apria may have to order it though they did ours so you might look into it now and have your doc prescribe the one you specifically want. I am so happy to hear that Ava is doing so well your right about baby steps. Stay strong. We will be praying for your family.

Anonymous said...

great news! i hope things go smoothly from this point on and that you can bring sweet Ava home real soon. still praying,
Joanne and John Michael

mel said...

Hi Terri and family,
What a little miracle baby you have, Ava is doing so well, she is one determined young lady. As you say baby steps, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for each day as it is so important post op. How are you, , Brian, Lexie, Emeline and your exetended family coping? they are in our prayers?
We are so inspired by you family, especially Ava, very impressed about already being extubated, well done little missy, we are all praying and hoping for a speedy recovery.
Thinking and praying as always. Hopefully, when little miss Ava is well, a well deserved holiday to Australia will be in order and our family will have to catch up.
Will love always, take care.
Mel xo

Owain's mommy said...

I am so happy to hear that Ava is doing so well. She truly is a miracle!