Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Waiting to be discharge!

Ava had a fabulous night. She slept next to me like a rock. I woke at about 3:30 am. I looked over at her and tears began to fall from my eyes. How lucky am I? I thanked God for allowing me the go on this journey with her. Some parents go through life taking their children for granted. I know how important it is to find the best out of life. I am just amazed at how quickly her body healed.

I woke quite early and started packing. When Josh, our nurse practitioner, came in this morning he knew my plans. He agreed she was ready. They want me to keep her on the liquid diet until this weekend. That is easy. We are having trouble finding a pharmacy that carries her liquid  Protonix. I really think her body does good with this PPI. She was on this as an IV medicine for about 6 months. We tried to switch to Omplosole but she didn’t do well with that one. We are now checking into Nexium. That too is a PPI and the strange thing is that is what I take!

Her stomach is down to 47 cm’s today. You can also see her pectus in this picture. This is also from her birth defect. Hopefully we will not have to do anything with this down the road


So we are now just waiting for the word and then we will be out of here. I am so happy. Ava is in a really great mood today. I want to thank my sister Rachel and her friend Garrett for coming up three times while I’ve been stuck here. They have gotten me food and anything else we need. They came this morning so that I could get my parking pass validated. I just can never leave Ava. Here she is see where her hand is?


Last picture.




Lacey said...

Jax has a pectus to from his heart surgery, the sternum closed way down. When we saw his surgeon for his nissen he was like, Oh he needs a pectus, and I was like, don't go there yet. they usually fix it as teens and its an extremely painful surgery. I've taken care of many of those kids when I worked.

Stephanie said...

Go Ava! What a big girl. I love the life in her eyes. I'm so glad to hear that y'all are going home. Thinking of you always.

Brooke and *Kamryn's mommy

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Oh Terri,
We are soo happy that Ava is getting discharged. That's fantastic news. Have a safe trip back and enjoy your time at home. Ava is one special little lady.