Sunday, April 19, 2009

Air in bowels

The x rays showed Ava has air in her intestines….not great news but we knew it was something to do with her bowel. It could be several things. The most likely is another partial bowel obstruction. The hope is that if we give her fluids it will work its self out on it’s own. She did have a bowel movement this morning so I feel a little bit better about how she is doing. I’m hoping getting her in the hospital at the start will help us in the long run. The other possibilities include infection or bacteria overgrowth in her bowels. This can be treated with antibiotics. So far we don’t have proof of an infection. I was a little worried that maybe last week they we a little premature at stopping her antibiotics for the line infection. It doesn’t explain why she did so well for the five days after, besides she has no fever. I tell you Ava always keeps us guessing. It has made me and expert at looking things up on the web! It is critical that I know all. I get nervous I may miss something. Doctors are human and they get tired and sometimes they don’t see the whole picture like I do. If I can study up and ask question we can come to an agreement on her treatment.

Here was her getting her IV. It only took ONE stick! I was thankful for the preciseness of the nurse. Poor Ava……she didn’t give in. She didn’t even cry….two tears was all there was…… See her eyes pleading with me to help get her out of there? I hate those glaring eyes. What is a Mommy to do?


Her surgeon came in late last night. I was so glad to see him. He wants to watch the blood cultures and keep her g-tube at straight drain to see if we can get this resolved without surgery. I asked to get switched back to Protonix. This is a Proton Pump Inhibitor. See she was on an H2 blocker called Rantidine (A lesson about the two,  both suppress the acid and secretions in the stomach. However PPI’s shut down the proton pumps in the stomach. H2 blockers work by blocking the histine receptors in acid producing cells in the stomach.) PPI’s are supposed to work a little better with (GERD) reflex. Actually she was on both while she had the central line…..double protection. Here is my concern, she throws up so much that the lining of her esophogus is going to be irritated. Sometimes this can cause cancer. (Doesn’t everything?)

She is a happy little girl today. Her stomach naturally doesn’t hurt since everything that goes in comes back out because of the drain. This was taken an hour ago. She is a character! Smiles oh yea!


A few minutes after this picture was taken she wanted out of the bed. Who can blame her?


Our matching bracelets that she points out all the time! (Yes I know my hands are dry. It is from all the washing!!)


Ava is watching not only the TV but the portable dvd player. What does Mommy watch? Whatever Ava likes! See what she thinks of me!


Dr. Shilyansky is hoping with a few days of IV fluids she will pop out of this. Please pray this is what happens. Our little girl has been through so much. It breaks my heart to have to think about more. The good or bad thing depending on how you look at it……the last two times we have come to the University all we do is go to the ER and they tell us head up to your room, they are ready for Ava. How sad is that? All I can do is what Ava did in the picture above…stick out my tongue!

Well everyone have a good day. Say an extra prayer for Brian and the girls. I know he wants to be here but he also has to pay the bills. I have such an amazing husband. God did good at helping me find him! Praying Ava has a super day of healing.



Dotty said...

prayers coming as always.

My Three Sons said...

Oh Terri, I'm so sorry that your going through this again. I have had Carson in the ER twice this week and I have been in the ER twice. I know first hand how stressful hospitals can be. I will send lots of prayers your way.


Fer said...

OMG Terri, I am so sorry Ava is back at the hospital! I am praying for her.

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Oh Terri,
We feel so sorry for poor Ava. We hope that the bowel obstruction gets resolved quickly and without any further interventions. Your little girl is such a trooper!
We are praying for her speedy recovery.

Stephanie said...

We are so sorry that you're having to go through this. What a champ Ava is, huh??? I can see it in her eyes, that she's so strong. And you're so right about the research. We are our children's advocates, and the more we know, the more we can help them out WITH the doctors and nurses. Praying for Ava's recovery. Hang in there!

Brooke and *Kamryn's Mommy

Stephanie said...


For some reason, my posts are showing up, but I wanted to let you know how sorry I am that Ava has reherniated. I can see in her eyes that she's a fighter and won't give up. And you're so right about doing the research. We are our children's advocates, and it's up to us to understand and know all we can about CDH to help them. Praying that she gets through this soon.

With love,
Brooke and *Kamryn's Mommy

Lacey said...

Praying no surgery is needed. Isn't it so sad when everyone at the hospital knows your kid by name? Its horrible, I know.

Anonymous said...

I hope Little Ava feels better soon. I am anxiously awaiting for the next update. We will be praying for you guys.
Olivia(Samuel's mommy)