Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doing great!

Good evening to all! So far so good! After coming back from her line removal surgery she was very tired and grouchy. She slept until about 7pm. I’m not sure how tired she will be tonight but we shall see! Right now she is watching the new Barney movie I got her. I decided I needed a bit of fresh air so I went to K-mart. I got her a bath baby and two movies.  She’s in Heaven right now with Barney and Elmo.

Here is the last picture of her central line. Say goodbye! Notice they marked what was going to be worked on? Great surgery technique by the way.


Here is a few pictures of us taking her down to surgery. She slept the whole ride. I was worried about her waking and being scared so they let me go into the surgery room to put her to sleep…..she never woke up so all went very smooth.


Line GONE! This truly was a great day. I didn’t know how I would feel not seeing it there on her chest for the first time. Even I felt FREE!


I gave her a bath tonight again and it was hard because she couldn’t get her IV line wet at all. This was a very hard concept to her. Try to explain to a two year old that she can not put her hand in the water……she is so good after the third time telling her she kept it on the side of the tub. How cute is she?


Ava enjoying Pepsi this evening! Tastes yummy! See her smile is back! She looks really good…the color is coming back to her cheeks.


We just got the next shift nurse and she is amazing. We instantly bonded with Leah. She has a family member that is going through something traumatic right now in her life and Ava’s story reminded her of all that she had been through. Some people are sent here to show us how strong a human being can truly be! I also believe we have angels living among us that better our life more an any medicine. Some nurses remind me of angels. We have had really great nurses this stay and we are so glad.

As I have been typing Ava has dozed off so hopefully she will get plenty of good rest!

I took a two hour nap this afternoon so I feel a little better. You are thinking 2 hours? Well I take what I get. I think we are ready for discharge but I hope they feel the same way. Emeline called today and was crying. She said she missed Ava so much and she wanted us to come home. I feel so torn. It hurts my soul to know that she is hurting and I can’t hold and comfort her. She too needs all our love. Brian explained to her that Ava was getting better and we would be home soon.

For all you out there that are like me and want to know more (and love to see gross medical things) I asked them if they would save Ava’s Hickman line so that I could see how much of the line was under her skin. As you can see the red part is her skin and the cuff that kept it in place. It was one very tiny line. There was quite a bit invisible to the eye, under the skin. You can also see the added plastic where they repaired it a few months ago. I am relieved to say the least. Praise God it is out and she is doing well!


Ava has been fever free for 27 hours! Another great hurdle. PLEASE say a prayer that they will let us out of here in the morning and we can be together with all three girls tomorrow for Easter. We need each other. There has been no talk of discharge we are just confident that Ava is ready and pray they feel that way too!

Thanks again for your love, prayers and support. We need them.


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Maxton's Mommy said...

I am SOOO glad to hear Ava did well today. Thinking of you guys and hoping that she continues to improve!