Sunday, April 5, 2009

Playing at the park!

Hey All! We have just been living the boring family life!! Ava has been doing good. Last night it was nice out so we took the girls to the park. This was the FIRST time Ava got to play with the girls at the park. She slid down the slides and swan on the swings. ALL while totally covered....hands too! (You know crazy Mom and her germ phobia.) She was smiles the entire time. It was so GOOD to be a family doing a normal event like going to the park. We were not there for long as it was getting colder by the minute.

My camera class went great. It was soooo wonderful to get away and do my own thing. To find me again. Brian did great with her. He had everything done when I got home.....and she was tucked nicely in her bed. I found out I needed a different camera so this week Brian surprised me by getting it. How nice is that? So I did my homework at the park. I was to set the camera on manual settings and adjust them all on my own. These first ones are Lexis and Emeline on Burlington's oldest slide. Ava just watched with huge eyes.

This was when I let Ava play! Notice we are the only ones at the park? There is a reason! ;)

The doctors made a switch with her medicines that I'm a little nervous about.....she was on IV Protonix which is the strongest acid blocker there is.....then they want her on Ranitidine by the g-tube. I'm a little sceptical. Lets hope all goes well. I hate to toy with medicines. Why change something that isn't broken. I do know the goal is to get her off the IV meds and the Protonix was the last.

She is still throwing up 1-3 times a day. I hate this so much. I've gotten her a little higher on her g-tube feeds at night. We were up to 30 ml's an hour but a few times I've had to turn it down due to her throwing up.....her stomach gets too full.

She is so happy. It is so nice to see her smile and for it to be real.



Aep said...

So glad you all went to the park.
I love all the pictures but especially on the girls all going down the slide together!!
What a special day and you can see it on Sweet Ava's smile!!
Ana and Marco

Liz and Shane said...

All your girls look great and happy.
Nayeli is on Ranitidine, she is doing well on it.

Anonymous said...

she is getting so big

Fer said...

I am so glad you are enjoying some time outside! I loved the pictures Terri!!!!!!!