Friday, April 10, 2009

Temperature of 105.4

Hey everyone. Ava was doing great until a little before 4 am. She was sleeping well and her herat rate was normal. Then I felt her legs it was like touching a very warm over door. I grabbed the thermometer and took her temp. I couldn't believe it when it said 40.8. I got Andrea our nurse who was right outside Ava's room. (She has been wonderful!) She took her temp again and it was 39.8 I think. I got very nervous but she was calm. We put cool wash clothes under her arms and on her forehead. We gave her a Tylenol suppository and just a few minutes ago we gave Ibuprofren because it still was very high around 102. Miss Ava always has to throw a fast ball our way. For the life of me I can't figure out why we have to go down this rough road.

So now she is trying to sleep. She is very relaxed and her heart rate is coming down. It is in the 150's.

They finally started the antibodics that I have asked about. I figured they would start them as soon as we got here. I get so frustrated. Iowa City likes to dink around at our expense. I understand their need to be sure but come they not believe me that she had a fever of 102.1? I don't get doctors. Did they really have to wait until her temperature got to be 105? I have NEVER in my life seen a temp that high. I asked Brian if we read it right. He said yes.

Anyway they just started her is Zocen and Vancomacin. (They are both antibiodics.) I'm sure the spelling is wrong. So now things should be looking better shortly. They still don't know if it is the line that is causing the fever....she has an infection somewhere. Her ears and mouth look good. They tested her urine but we haven't heard anything from that test. The only one we have back is from our local hospital and they said her white count is fine but her red something was slightly elavated to 5. It has to do with bacterial. I just catch bits and pieces. The doctor is due to come in any moment.

Neither of us have gotten any sleep. I think I dosed off for about 10 minutes because when I woke up my arm was totally asleep. :( Ava is such a super little girl. She rarely cries and is content to watch her movies....which are run on my laptop....who is spoiled? Her DVD is in the Suburban but we forgot the plug in cord at home, along with our cell phone charger. Huh, you just can't think of everything in 5 minutes.

Please continue to pray.....I do not want to spend Easter in here. We are strongly asking God to make them see we can do this treatment at home, however we want to make sure she is safe. Thanks for all the support it is so great to have prayers warriors and people that deeply care.



Bryan said...

My heart goes out to you. I was so hoping this would end up being nothing but as usual, mommy knows best! I really hate the way we have to struggle with when and what to do and have to push for what we know they need. So glad you got her some help. It probably still was quicker because you were on top of it.

And I agree with the C-line comment. We've had our line for 14 months and haven't used it for the last 3. Even before that, I really didn't think we needed it for hydration...we could use the GT. So we haven't used it for tpn since aug. Finally yesterday (at my husbands suggestion) the dr agreed to take it out. Then he recalled a story about a little girl who they waited just a little too long to take it out and she got septic 3 weeks before they had scheduled it out!

Praying things calm down with the antibiotics and you can get "a little" sleep. Praying you'll also get home soon. Keep trusting your mommy gut! Pam Winter

Anonymous said...

praying for sweet Ava. i hope today is a better day and she can get home soon.
Joanne and John Michael R-CDH 3/11/07

Fer said...

Oh Terri, I am so sorry Ava is at the hospital. I am praying that the doctors find the source of the infction.

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...


We are so sorry to hear that Ava is back in hospital. We hope that the antibiotics do the trick and that she will be back to her old self quickly.
Love the pictures, she's such a lovely girl.

Katie said...

I am so sorry to hear that Ava's back in the hospital. She is one tough little girl who has been through so much. I'll be saying some extra prayers for her, and you as well!

Liz and Shane said...

I am praying that Ava can go home for Easter. We are thinking of you.