Thursday, April 9, 2009

Temperature going back up.

So here we are again. Since she got out of bed she has acted not quite herself. Her temperature keeps going up then down. It has been as high as 100.9 this morning. At 10:15 it was 99.8 so it is back down. I called Iowa City and they want to wait until her temp gets 101.5 then to take her up there. Well you know me I can't wait. I called our local doctor. (She is our fav and understands my needs oh and Ava's too! ;) So she agrees with me that a blood test can't hurt. She wants to run a CBC, a blood culture and one more test but forgot wihich one. It takes a CBC test 2 days so I'm thinking the sooner the better. My feelings have always been "better safe than sorry" expecially when talking about her central line. I just could be more worried. I try to remain calm it is getting harder.

Good news is she is now up and moving around. She is very thirsty. I just called Grandma Karen and she is going to bring some Pedilyte over. I will put it at a slow rate through her tube. We don't need her to get dehydrated.

She just got on her horsie. I'm hoping it is just a bug and NOT a line infection. Funny thing is she is a kid and kids get sick and have fevers. Chills now they scare me. I don't think Lex or Emme has ever had them. I've only had them a few times in my life.

I just got a smile out of her so perhaps I'm worried for nothing. Having a central line is a ticking time bomb in my eyes. I can't wait until it is gone. Yesterday was such a good day. She tolerated 893.5 ml's through her g-tube. We are almost there! Now this....

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I guess we are in this together! Here is how she looks right now.

At least she feels like getting up. So I will keep an eye on how she I always do!



Maxton's Mommy said...

I will be thinking of miss Ava today and hoping that fever just goes away and she has some 24 hour bug!

Lacey said...

I hope she feels better soon, I tried to leave a message on the private blog but it wouldn't let me, so I will email you on Saturday when I get to Disneyland and get my good computer.