Thursday, April 9, 2009

A bit better.

So I took her temp about 20 minutes and it was 100.4! I was getting a little nervous. She is acting good though. She doesn't know that it is one in the morning! We are watching Teletubbies. I started her tpn back up with no problems. Her heart rate is still higher than normal but it is going down. She's at 140-150 now. I just took her temp and it is 99.6. It is going down. Prayers are working.

I was just thinking today how thankful I am that we are NOT in the hospital....

Strange thing is she is still thirsty. Huh what's up with that? I stopped the drain on her g-tube so things stay in her tummy.

Oh Ava always keeps us on our toes. Thanks for the prayers!



Dotty said...

always in our prayers. cmon Ava get better soon!!

Bryan said...

I just came to your site from the link in the tpn group. We are in Cincinnati at a hotel waiting for our tpn clinic appt tomorrow and I can't sleep. I read Ava's story...WOW! I think we've been through a lot and then I read a story like this. So glad your faith has been there for you through it all. I struggled the first few days, being mad at God, but then I realized He really was my only hope.

My heart breaks when I read about the times they didn't listen to you and Ava got worse. I have been through that as well. I thought that we finally had found good help at cincinnati childrens...that they really included and listened to the parents. But the last few months I've had to fight for my daughters care. They have not been listening. Your story just further encourages me to continue the fight....that I really do know my daughter better than the brilliant doctors and nurses.

I didn't mean to go on and on...probably the night time fatigue. I will be praying for Ava and hoping this is just a small bump and she will be fine tomorrow. I certainly know the fear that each new "thing" can bring.

God bless you all...
Pam Winter

Liz and Shane said...

Praying gets better.