Monday, April 27, 2009


Well if I was not seeing Ava with my own two eyes I would never  believe what I am about to tell you…….SHE ATE SO WELL by mouth today. It was as if God was trying to tell me, “See I hear you and I will show you my love.”

She woke and ate 15 bites of MY Frosted flakes. Then pulled me to the fridge and pointed to the carton of eggs. She then ate a whole fried egg! Then she went back to the fridge and wanted some cold chicken. She ate about 5 bites of and dipped it in ranch!! Did I mention she downed 6 ounces of my sugar tea? Next I hooked her up to her g tube feeds. I set it to 15 ml’s per hour. (Not much I know.) Lunch she ate a whole chicken leg minus the bone! ;)  She then drank about 7 ounces of more sugar tea! Supper didn’t stop her as well. Then I upped her g tube feeds to 30 ml’s. Supper she ate about 10 big bites of noodles and drank plenty more tea.  After supper Ava went to Brian and did her sign for ice-cream. (She moves her hands around quickly in front of her chest.) We had none so Daddy went to the store and got Miss Ava her ever-so deserved ice-cream. Now she is sitting in her chair watching Doodle-bops and eating an icee. I am so proud of her. I would never have ever imagined that 2 days ago when I was so close to taking her to the ER that she would be this good today.

I’m sorry I didn’t update yesterday. She was better but I thought I may jinx it IF I posted she was doing fine. I truly believe her body needed more antibiotics. I also started her on Probiotics. This helps put good “bugs” back in your body since antibiotics take some good out. (Thanks to all my Mommy friends that helped with my decision for the Probiotics! I SO appreciate ALL your imput.)

These are pics from a few days ago.


They are feeding the fish. We have a small pond. We love our fish!




Ava’s big tummy. This picture was taken on Friday night. I was so worried. It measured 53cm’s when laying down.


Gas is SO much better. Her tummy still rumbles like thunder but it is getting quieter. She wasn’t  pukey at all today!!!

Thanks for your prayers. I have met some awesome people on line and am so blessed to have so many care and hold my daughter and our family so close to your hearts!



Lacey said...

Yeah, I knew she would beat this, just like all the times before. We want to put a fish pond in our backyard this summer.

Sue mom to Emily LCDH 1-22-08 said...

Awesome eating Ava!!!
I like Frosted Flakes too :)
Sue Kozik

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ava! Keep up the good work! Maybe you can come teach Christopher how to eat like that! LOL!

Hugs to all!

Steph and Christopher

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

What a great eating day! I know how a good eating day can be the biggest deal in the world.

Also I've been meaning to say...omg Terri, your pics are looking so awesome in such a short time after the new camera and your photog class. You have gotten some breathtaking ones of all the girls lately. Kudos! Makes me want to take a class!