Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back in the hospital.


So Ava isn’t tolerating her g-tube feeds nor the pedialyte. I get worried since she doesn’t have her central line and I can’t hook her up to extra hydration. Oh dear what are we going to do with her? I get tired of all the hospitals and doctors. It gets old. However I know Ava and I know when she needs help and I would do anything at any time for her.  We just got her into her room and she is sipping water.

Why are we here? The last two nights she has woke many times with a “I’m hurting bad” cry. She has nausea really bad. Today she was very uncomfortable and this afternoon all she wanted to do was lay on the floor next to Daddy.  She has not been wanting to be hooked up to her feeds. She pulls at her tube. I however don’t fall for it. I started her on Pedialyte this morning to see if that would keep her hydrated and out of the hospital. It didn’t work, She only peed once today and it was very dark.  Then she began throwing up poop like substance.  YIKES not again…..she pooped yesterday though. I’m not one to wait too long. We were just here last week!!!

Ava keeps us guessing all the time. They are going to start and IV and do abdominal x rays.  I hope they find something. Her stomach growls extremely  LOUD! SO here we sit again. This time it is just me….my mom is here now but will be going home. Brian has no time off… he will be working and I will call him if they figure anything out.

I know that God has Ava in His strong hands and I am not afraid. Please pray for her. I just want this all behind us, sadly it is not. A few more pictures of Ava.





Anonymous said...

poor Ava :(
it makes me so sad to read that she's not feeling well again. hope it's something minor that can be fixed quickly and you can all head home very soon.
prayers coming your way.
Joanne and John Michael

Katie said...

Ava has been through so much, it just breaks my heart that she is back in the hospital. She is such a strong and courageous little girl. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ava i will be praying you her and you

Love Alison And seth

Liz and Shane said...

I am so sorry that Ava is back at the hospital. I am praying for your little Princess.

Beto and Emily Huamani said...

poor baby girl! i'm soooo sorry! i'm praying you get answers very soon!

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

So sorry to hear that Ava is back in the hospital. What is it with our girls and hospitals? ;-) I hope they figure out the problem quickly and get Ava back home soon! Thinking of you guys!


Bryan said...

So sorry things have gotten worse for Ava. I hope they find out what is wrong soon. I was really hoping it was just BO or something simple. Thanks for keeping everyone posted. My heart goes out to you!
Pam Winter

Ashworth Family said...

Little Ava has sure been through the ringer. You are so strong to handle all this. Hope her hospital visit is a short one and she's on the road to health again in no time.