Sunday, May 3, 2009

Touched by a song.

Hello everyone! I switched Ava’s antibiotics and she is now doing so much better. I really think that with this bacterial overgrowth you have to kill a variety of bad “bugs” and one does some and then another does some more. I have decided at least for now, since she is eating extremely well that I am not doing the formula through her tube. As I said for two nights I basically set her tummy to drain so that we both could sleep. Last night I gave her pedialyte through the pump and I set it at 15 ml’s per hour. She did fine with that. I really feel as though her body just struggles at night and I think we are making the bacterial overgrowth worse since things are sitting and NOT going down. She is much more comfortable too….;)

So Friday I was really having a tough day with all of this. It is so hard for me to be okay when I can’t figure out how to make her comfortable. So I was really praying and asking God to help me get through all of this, and to make Ava better. Well I want to share something with you that happened to me on Saturday morning. Ava got up bright and early and after I removed her pulsox monitor from her foot she came over and pointed at my computer. I opened it up and started going over my emails. I came to a “reply” that I had given a you tube user about 5 months ago. Shortly after all of Ava’s problems began I watched You Tube videos of songs I knew growing up. My eyes rested on “Thanks for watching our video, God Bless.” I quickly clicked on the link and remembered instantly the video. This couple was singing, “Til the storm passes by.” I played it and was so touched literally to tears immediately as I knew every word. I knew that God was speaking to ME at this very second telling me that, “Yes Terri you are in the middle of the storm but it will pass and I will be with you every step of the way. I will keep you safe til the storm passes by.”

I decided to sing it for all of you today as it touched me more than I could ever explain. Please listen to the words. I get goose bumps just  thinking how God knew how I was struggling so He asked this woman whom I have never met to reply to my comment that I had wrote to her so long ago. He led her to reply on the day I needed it the most. See God cares and He is always helping us. We just have to watch for Him. My heart was ready.

This is my sister Rachel she was teaching Ava how to toss the ball up in the air. She really likes Rachel! These two pictures were taken a several day ago.



I’ll tell you one thing we have learned through Ava…..”Life is NOT easy.” We have learned that our children are gifts. Treat them with extra care. We don’t know what to expect with Ava. I was a little shaken by the reality that Ava’s insides will never be normal and they may or may not be like this forever. That my friends is a hard thing to face. But as I look at her little face I can only see hope in her eyes. On most days I don’t see a sick kid but a child that is so full of life she can’t pause. I love my children more than life itself. They are my everything.


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Lacey said...

You are so much braver than me. I don't even like to post pics that have me in them. That is a beautiful song.