Friday, May 22, 2009

Amazing ANGELS amoung us.

Karen, one of my grade school friends that I haven’t talked to in many, many years sent me this video today on my facebook page. Her brother just got into a horrible accident at work and is fighting for his life. His wife just had their new baby, so please pray that God helps him fight to live.

We have angels EVERYWHERE!

Nancy one of Ava’s faithful followers sends me ecards and it touches my heart each and every time.

Nichole from our town is generous in spoiling the girls. She buys them something every other month.

The Collins Crew is constantly sending odds and ends to the girls to fill their days with happiness.

Valerie and Laycee sent the wonderful gifts the other day. Valerie has been such an inspiration for me, sharing her knowledge and her gift of uplifting.

Internet Grandma Gayl is without fail sending presents on every holiday.

My cousin Mindi and her family making food when we returned home from the hospital.

The Shoplands and the Decrenscenzi, our wonderful friends from Pennsylvania send goodies when Ava is in the hospital.

Wal-mart friends also send Ava gifts while she is recouperating in the hospital.

I have many internet Mommies that help me sift through my theories and are always her to support me in all my decisions. They help me to vent my frustration and it is calming to know that these Mom’s have been where I am today and they understand COMPLETELY!

Then I have friends that will let me cry on their shoulder, be there when I need them and never think bad of me.

Our many, many readers of our blog and Care Pages for spending countless hours praying and meditating to God to help our little girl feel better.

AND My fabulous family that keep me going.

God is just AMAZING! We as people sometimes (mostly always) dwell on the negative things and we never think about the “whole” picture.

I love the story of the little boy and his grandmother. She was diligently making a cross stick and he was sitting on the floor looking up at her fast hands going to work at making this magnificent thing as he had heard so many of his family say.  He looked up at the strings going every direction, and colors not looking so good to him. He asked his grandma why everyone thought it was So beautiful? Gently grabbing his arm she raised him up to see the material she held in her hands. As he saw the top of her masterpiece he gasp in amazement. Grandma it IS beautiful!

Sometimes we don’t understand why things are happening in our lives. We see the underneath just like the little boy. BUT if we could look down and see what God sees we would know that in the end our lives are the most beautiful thing ever created!

Ava was sent to us for a reason. I have said since the day we got her diagnosis of CDH and our lives changed forever, that she was a blessing and a gift from the almighty God. We knew if she did survive it would be by the grace of God. We understood the power of prayer and we were blessed to have this adorable little girl to call our third daughter. Yes it gets overly tough some days but we have the faith to know that she is in God’s hands……as we ALL are. None of us know when we will take our last breath. We have to live in faith and enjoy life everyday, not just the good ones.

I encourage you today, to find just ONE person to lift up. Send them a card. Call them and tell them how much they mean to you. Smile to a stranger. Grab your son or daughter by the hand. Stop time for one second, look in their eyes and tell them you love them and will love them forever. Cherish the small things. Sit outside, close your eyes and listen to the sounds and praise God this second that you are alive. I promise you our lives take on a new meaning and God will bless you for taking the time to enjoy all that He has given us.

I thought I would add one of my favorite songs. It is a song that hits directly at my heart. I some how feel compelled to sing it for you today. It is called, “For Those Tears I Died.”

I want to take this journal entry and personally thank you all for all you do for us. We appreciate ALL the thoughts and prayers. God bless you all and THANKS for being a part of our lives. We would not be where we are without your help!

~Brian, Terri, Lexis, Emeline and Ava

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Terri..sometimes those of us who "appear" to have it all together need to be reminded to slow down and appreciate what we have. I know my girl is a gift every single day she is with me but, when her days are rough, it is easy to focus on the negative and ask "why?" Why my girl? The funny thing is, She NEVER asks "why?" This is her life and she accepts it 100%. I learn from her every day. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and be thankful for the wonderful...Hugs to Miss Ava...Valerie