Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hello everyone. Ava has been wanting to do the back and forth good and bad thing these last few days. Monday she had a great day. We went outside and played. She knows how to blow bubbles now….she just think it is the funniest thing ever! She also loves basketball. Her tummy measured 52 cm’s. So it looked more normal.


She thought she wanted a bit of chocolate pudding….most ended up on her face. She feeds herself. It is one of the few things she can control!


Yesterday she was just not herself. I took her off the Gentomyocin and put her back on the Flagyl. I also talked with her GI and she suggested I give her milk of magnesia to help her bowels move. I also started vitamins that I don’t think agreed with Ava. She started looking sick to her stomach again. She still ate fine although a little slower than she was before. Her belly got really distended last night. It was 58 cm’s in the largest area. Her vitals were fine so I wasn’t too nervous. I set her to drain and by morning her stomach was 54.5 cm’s.


Today she is eating but she looks pale. She was really hungry this morning. She ate a bowl of cereal and lots of milk. Then she wanted mini ravioli. She ate 30 of those. Then she saw some chocolates on the table….before I knew it the whole thing was in her mouth. She signed she wanted a drink. She took a drink and started to spit the chocolate out. However when she spits things out it is more like gagging so up came all her food from this morning….;( Naturally seeing throw up she had to get it all up. Then she pooped three time today and we are talking 15 inches of stool!!!! a 2 YEAR OLD! It had been in there quite some time.  I hooked her up to pedialyte pretty much all day because she got none last night. So I was thinking since all that poop came out she would just do so much better…….huh Ava? No after supper she proceeds to pull at her tummy and I grabbed for the bucket I instinctively knew it was coming. She projectile vomited  300 ml’s. I almost cried. “NOOOOOOO!” This is not happening. She then felt much better. I got the monitor to make sure her heart rate was okay. I know she is in major pain because her heart rate soars in the 200’s. So far she has been fine and she ate a little more supper. I’m watching her closely for dehydration. Her peeing wasn’t up to par today so that weighs heavily on my mind. I could take her to our local hospital for a few days if she needed IV fluids to boost things. She has less energy today and she can’t lose weight. She did gain a half a pound so we may be back to 25. If you see her with no clothes she looks so tiny. She has grown so tall and it doesn’t help the matter. She is now 38 inches tall! I just took this last picture. You can tell she just doesn’t feel herself.



Also if you could say a few prayers for my mother she had to go to the doctor and if you know my mom you know she never goes to the doctor. She too has bowel problems. Unlike Ava’s hers will resolve themselves…..she feels so badly for Ava as she is feeling the same things that Ava feels daily. It is no fun. Poor grandma and Ava. I’m hoping to avoid the hospital but we do still have our bags packed. We thank you all for thinking and praying for us all!



Lacey said...

that little stinker. It must be so hard going back and forth. Thinking its getting better and then getting bad again. I wish there was an easy answer.

Darcy said...

She is certainly keeping you on your toes! I hope that her tummy calms down a bit and she stays hydrated.
Your post makes me realize how small my daughter is. I know she is off the charts small, because I am under 5 feet tall and my husband is only about 5'6", but at Grace's 5 year check-up last month she was 37 1/2 inches and weighed 28 pounds. She and Ava are just about the same size!
As always, you are in my prayers...