Saturday, May 30, 2009

The great lesson….. “Shaking it off”

Isn’t life funny? I was doing an update on Twitter today and ran across a very wonderful blog. Diane really made me step back and see all of this in a different light. I HAD to share her story about the MULE. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did.

This is the story of the mule that fell into a deep dark pit one day. He was in there wondering what to do. Some time later the farmer heard a sound that he was unfamiliar with. As any good farmer would do he walked his land in the direction of this unbearable noise. When the farmer looked down into the pit, (which by the way, he almost fell into himself) he saw that it was his prize mule. Not only was the farmer shocked and concerned for his animal but also for his own ability to get the mule out.

The cry of the mule became unbearable and the farmer ran for help. Soon the word was out and many of the farmers in his neck of the woods offered their help. Try as they might to get the mule out they came up short each time. Finally they came to the consensus that the best way to put the mule out of his misery was to bury him alive. Each got a shovel and in sequence they began to throw dirt on him. After several hours and hundreds of shovels full of dirt being dumped on the mule he simply walked out of the pit. How could this have happened?

Each time the farmers threw dirt on the mule he simply shook it off, packed it down under his feet and stepped up higher. One characteristic of a mule is that they are known to be self-preservationists and self-thinkers. These traits also contribute to the "stubborn as a mule" cliché. A mule thinks for himself and decides that a particular situation may hurt him. In this instance, the mule’s stubbornness and persistence paid off and saved his life!

This was Ava this morning. Her poor tummy.


Ava is not feeling well today and I am debating taking her to the hospital. She has not eaten today but she is drinking. She also had 2 large bowel movements so I’m confident things are still moving through. Her tummy is rumbling very loud. A sign that the antibiotics are no longer working. Not sure any will help at this point. She is sitting next to me on the couch right now and she is smiling. She just gave me her extra sassy and I have it in my mouth. I asked her if it made her feel better. She shook her head yes. She is a character! I will keep watching her and if I feel she is getting dehydrated or is really uncomfortable we will head to Iowa City.

Keep praying as I feel God is here holding her in His strong arms!

A few pics I just took. I couldn’t resist sharing them with you all.



Her hair is really getting long. She loves for me fix it in a pretty style! How cute is she?




Katie said...

It just breaks my heart to read all that little Ava is going through. She is one tough little girl! I will be praying she starts to feel better soon and that her next surgery goes well.

CureSMA4Stella said...

Sorry to hear this, Terri! Her poor tummy . . . thinking and praying for you guys as I know the thoughts of going back in are so hard to hear. THinking of you!
The Turnbulls