Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun - Ava

Ava is still doing fine. She has been eating  really well but also having lots of diarrhea from the antibiotics. She seems like it doesn’t bother her at all, so that is good. She has an amazing spirit.

I decided my other two girls needed my attention tonight so after Daddy came home from work we spent some much needed time at “Fun City” thanks to Aunt Lela who gave them cards to do whatever they wanted. We did bowling and BOY did we have FUN. It was so neat to see how big they are getting. I spend so much of my time with Ava that I am missing them too. It saddens my heart some. I explained to them that I loved them just as much as Ava but for some reason God wanted us to learn patience and more love through their baby sister and they would have to be understanding of her needs. I apologized for her taking so much of my time. At the end of the night they both hugged and thanked me for all the fun they had. I was so happy. We will have to do this more often. It is usually Brian who does the fun stuff with them because I am Ava’s number one choice. I need to put them first sometimes too. They are becoming little ladies in front of my eyes.






I love this picture of Emeline!


AND here is a great one of Lexis. Yes she really bowls like this!



I really have such good girls. I couldn’t ask for nicer girls. I am blessed. Ava has her check-up appointment with her bladder doc and surgeon tomorrow. Pray for us as I hope we can find some answers, although I doubt they will know what is working right at this second to make her better.



Lacey said...

My kids definitly get neglected with Jax. Its so great that you went out with just them. I need to do that more often with my boys.

Stephanie said...

I fear that Hollie will be neglected with Kamryn being in the nicu come June, and then Brooke (Kamryn's twin) at home. It's going to be crazy, and I constantly worry that she's going to feel left out. So glad to hear that y'all had a good time and that Ava is doing better. I'll say a prayer that everything goes well at the bladder doc.