Thursday, May 28, 2009

"I think I can.....I think I can."

Ava has been hanging in there. On Monday she seemed better and started to get her appetite back. Then on Tuesday the throwing up started She only did it once but the volume was over 350 ml’s and it was projectile vomit…….or should I say projectile poop? It was horrible but I have to say it is nothing new. Shocking to most but it has just become part of our lives the last 8 months. So I had switched her to Gentamocin on Sunday but that did not seem to help her that much so much but decided to stick it out.  Wednesday I weighed her and she was up to 26 pounds. I was SUPER happy about that! She did however throw up two times so I decided that perhaps this antibiotic regimen was not working so I called the doctor. He called in Augmentin last night. So far it has helped her. She did not throw up today. She also pooped like a champ!

Okay so you know how when kids are sick us Mom’s down play our illnesses because WE can’t be the slightest bit sick?….:) Well I’m no different. I have had a tooth ache for about 4 months. I remember Ava being in the hospital and telling myself that it will “just go away”…..well it hasn’t. I decided to bite the bullet and go to the dentist yesterday. I was so desperate that I even took Ava with me, as there was NO one to watch her. My baby is terrified of hospitals and doctors. I explained to her in the Suburban that “Mommy had to see the doctor THIS time.” She shook her head no. As we walked in I saw her tense up and I again reminded her it was okay and that no one was going to touch her. It didn’t matter as soon as the dentist came in she started crying. She was in her stroller and I was in the chair. I had no choice. Then it was time for x rays and she couldn’t be in the room with me. A very nice nurse came and strolled her to get some stickers…..a little bribing doesn’t help does it? She bought it and was very content. She sat very still and waited until I was done. Lucky me I have decided to let them pull one of my molars. I am all about saving teeth but I am a little stuck. It will take me about 3 trips to Iowa City to have a root canal done. (I’ve had 3 done already.) I KNOW how much fun they are. Last time I sat for two hours. I know I just don’t have that kind of time with Ava the way she is. The new Ava term, “Fragile”. Okay so I go to the surgeons office because my dentist can’t do this procedure. I explain to them about Ava and they (BY THE GRACE OF GOD) are getting me in on MONDAY, the 1st of June. I was amazed at the power of quick prayer. Oh plus since I am being put under I have decided I might as well take this opportunity to have my two wisdom teeth pulled. Smart or dumb on my part not sure yet. I have little time to think about myself. I am just hoping and praying that I will breeze through this and be up to par for Miss Ava. I have no other choice. I have had two wisdom teeth removed about a year and a half ago and I had no problems what so ever so hopefully it will be a repeat! So Ava got goodies from the docs office and I got an appointment.

Her tummy has gotten bigger and bigger. It looked like this Tuesday night. It measured 54 cm’s around her belly button and 57.5 cm’s above her g tube.


Tonight she is measuring 55 around her belly button and 58 above her g tube. Now come morning it is down around 51 cm’s and 55 cm’s. She is so sleepy.


Tomorrow is her swallow study test. I am NOT looking forward to this at all. She hates the x ray room and I don’t blame her one bit. I just wish they would have got this test done last week when we were doing the enema one. She has handled both at the same time before. I asked but they were so sure she wouldn’t need another swallow study……huh funny how I was right. However there must be a reason why we have to do it. So I am curious to see if we can visually see where the blockage or narrowing bowel is. The study’s are really pretty neat to watch. I will see if I can video it tomorrow. Brian is going so I will have an extra set of hands!

Pray Ava stays good until surgery on the 5th as I need surgery myself. “Hang in there” I keep repeating over and over to myself. Like the Little Engine that Could. “I think I can.....I think I can!”



Jaime's World said...

Hi Terri,
I hope Ava's swallowing test goes well! I also hope you start feeling better soon and that your tooth extraction procedures goes just fine! I had all of my wisdom teeth taken out in 1999, just make sure you have 2 bags of frozen peas in the house. Silly, but they really help for pain.
Good luck! Many prayers to all of you!

Anonymous said...

i will be praying that things go as planed and are good

Love Alison and seth

Lacey said...

Just keep saying that, you'll get through it. I know we think we can't take anymore but its amazing how much we can deal with when it comes to our kids. Jax surgery is the 16th so they won't have surgery on the same day. She'll do great, you'll see.

Walker Family said...

Oh Terri, It is never easy is it? I just told Dave tonight, Ava is having surgery on Friday, we have to pray this is going to get better for her soon. I hope you are both feeling better really quick!