Friday, May 8, 2009

Snuggle time

So we are still home. I am a bit surprised. I thought foe sure we’d be at the hospital. Thursday she was really starting to get dehydrated. I called out to our local peds and asked if they could admit her for fluids. I figured if she just got a little fluid she would feel better and get over this hump. It just upsets the family every time we must go all the way to the University. I figured staying here in town might help all way around. I was shocked and extremely mad to find out that they refused to admit her…..too much liability. Then I told myself it was okay there was a reason this happened.

So I explained to Ava, keep in mind she is 2, that she must drink and she must let me keep the feeding pump running the Pedialyte through her tube to help keep her out of the hospital. It worked! She listened to me. I think she is beginning to understand. So all day I just gave her fluids. I gave her intestines a rest. She didn’t eat. At the advice of her GI doctor I started giving her both antibiotics. So now she is on Gentomocin and Flagyl, three times a day. The goal is to kill all the bacteria in her gut. The miraculous thing is she is pooping SO much. Yesterday she went 7 times….and a lot at that! Today already three times. I think she was really full of crap…..nice joke huh? Sorry I couldn’t resist.


Another great thing is she hasn’t lost any weight. She is 25.5. She still looks very pale. Today I let her eat….but we took things very slow. I am also going to watch her carbs. I have been studying bacterial overgrowth and also talking with some of my friends and bacteria seems to thrive on carbs. I figure it can’t hurt. I have to rule things out. This is going to be hard because Ava loves pasta. I was shocked to find that almost everything is high in carbohydrates. Who knew? Her tummy is not as distended today. I left her drain most of the night. Then at 2:30  am I decided to give her another dose of the antibiotics hoping to find the “magic” answer.

I  stayed up most of the night praying and begging God to help relieve her pain and heal her body. I never wanted a child that was sick…….in fact when I was pregnant with Ava and the docs told me she had little chance of surviving after birth I made a pact with God. I prayed if this child will have to suffer I want you to let me miscarry. I didn’t want her to have to go through day in day out in pain and discomfort. I was reminded of this as I had my heart felt prayer with God this morning. I asked Him to help her now and give me the strength because I am getting tired. I’m tired of worrying and wondering if there is more I can do. I’m tired of being tired. It wears heavily on me. I just want her happy. I don’t know what she is feeling. She is not a kid to cry. Our family is seeing the effects of Ava and it makes me sad. I want God to give me the answers. I want to know what to do. I’ve opened my heart and I will do anything to help see her healthy. She deserves to be healthy.

We had such a happy blessing today. One of our followers, “The Collins Crew” sent a box with gifts for all the girls. Ava’s eyes lit up. It was great to see her smile! Lex and Em were excited as well. “Thanks for being SO thoughtful.” They also sent a card to Brian and I which said “No matter what you are going through….Heaven’s watching over you!” Tears came as it corrilated with my morning prayers. God is so good.




My post title was given because Ava and Daddy are snuggling. She is now sleeping on him. All little girls have to snuggle with their Daddies. That is why God gave us Daddies.


Thanks for your continued prayers. Guys please pray for another miracle. We want her healthy.

~The Helmick’s


Liz and Shane said...

I wish you didnt have to worry. I hope that Ava gets better and stronger each day. To see her suffer this way makes us sad. God is giving you the strength each day. He is with you each day. When you feel like you cant carry on he lifts you. I wish I was closer to help you.

Lacey said...

Pediatyte saves the day, yeah, just go back to that if she gets dry again. I'm glad she's feeling better.

Sue mom to Emily LCDH 1-22-08 said...

I am surprised when I read your posts of frustration because for the months I've been following Ava I am in awe of what seems to me your unending strength. You always seem to know exactly what is happening to her and what she needs to get through each obstacle. Each time my daughter hits a bump in the road I think of your strength. Emily's road bumps are pebbles compared to Ava's boulders, if you can get her through (and you do) then I can get Emily and I past her roubles.
You are an amazing mom with an amazing family. Ava is one lucky girl, as you are to have her!
Ava WILL get past these issues. In the meantime continue doing all which you have been:loving her, praying for guidance, and trusting in your doctors.