Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today was a good day. This morning they removed Ava's epideral. This afternoon her came out as well. She felt much better. Her gitters are gone. She slept about 5 hours last night but this morning she slept from 8am-1pm.r She must have wanted to sleep the same schedule as her daddy.

I climbed in her crib this morning. I didn't stay long as you can tell she is pushing me out.

I was nervous that she would be in a lot of pain without the epideral. She has been fine. I'm thinking we could have taken it out sooner. She has been really sensitive on her bottom since the catheder. She points down there and wines. I asked if it could be an infection or a yeast problem but the doctors assure us that she is on two very strong antibodics that would kill that and also she is on Nystatin for yeast. If she complains tomorrow we will do a urine test. Huh I'm on my toes yet again!

She sat up today. She was a tad shaky but got over that quick. You can see it in her eyes.

They clamped her NG tube and changed her G tube to straight drain. Here is a picture of her mickey button. It has been a little red so we are putting a skin barrier on it. It is very tender to the touch. I'm hoping it heals quickly.

Kristen from Music therapery came to her room this afternoon. She sang some of her favorite songs. She enjoyed it. I especially love this service since I associate music with everything in my life.

Tonight we got Ava out of bed and onto the couch. She sat up for awhile. You would never know that this time last week I was thinking about her surgery. It will be a week tomorrow and she has done so well. I hope that she can move to the next step. I know that things take time for her. YOu don't know how happy I am to see this happy girl again. She has the most beautiful smile. It is contagious.

We weighed her today and she is down 2 pounds. She is 23 pounds. I think this is not bad at all. She is still on TPN as her main source of nutrician. Our plans are to get her to stop throwing up. (Which she is still doing since they turned off the suction on her NG to see what her stomach could tolerate.) BABY STEPS. Anyway the plan is to get the NG tube out and start g tube feeds this week.

GREAT NEWS....she has pooped 5 really good times today. Yes it is runny but it is moving through. Now if we can just get the throwing up to stop and things will move the direction they need to go. Pray that this surgery was her cure and that she will get back to feeling better.

Before and after pictures of her belly. This first picture was taken January 26th. Her belly measured 56 cm's

Her belly measured 47 cm's today.

Here is one last picture of Ava and her Daddy. I made up a song about kissing. (Brian is always trying to kiss her.) I sing...."Bad, bad, daddy don't kiss on me!" She laughs. It is wonderful to see Ava again. If you want to know what we are doing all day in the hospital, it is watching "The Wiggles." Whatever Miss Ava wants....she gets!

Thanks for the prayers.

~The Helmick's


Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

I've been following Ava's progress closely, as always, and I just can't get over how WONDERFUL she looks!! She is really shining in these pictures and looks like she is feeling so much better than before surgery. Her belly looks awesome too. I hope this was the ultimate fix she needed and can quickly get back to just being sweet little Ava. Continued prayers...


My Three Sons said...

I just loved seeing her on the couch smiling. She is such a strong girl. What a fighter she is. She must get that from you. Terri, I just want you to know that I have prayed so much for your family and just to see the sacrifaces you have made is such a touching and beautiful thing to watch.

I'm hoping that the journey of Ava's surgeries are over and now she can have a great time just being a kid!!!

God bless

Owain's mommy said...

Your right Ava's smile is contagious! I am so happy to hear that things are going well.


Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am glad that Ava is doing better. Her belly looks so, so, so much better. Now if only they could figure a way to stop her from vomitting. I hope that her mickey button heals soon.


You are absolutely gorgeous (it must be an Ava thing). Your strength is amazing and the smile on your face shows it. I am sure you get it from your mommy and daddy. I hope that you continue to recover so you can all go home!!! Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

PS...I don't blame your daddy for wanting to kiss you all of the time, although the song your mommy made up is quite funny!!!


Fer said...

I'm glad she's doing better :)

blairspage said...

WOW... I cannot believe the difference in her belly! It's almost amazing. I'm so glad there are other Mother's out there (besides myself) that push the medical staff to take care of our babies! Big Hugs to all of you!