Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Keeping Ava well.

"Best buds! She is stuck with me and I'm with her!"

Hello Everyone! Ava had another great day. We took a couple of hours break from her feedings so she was unhooked for about 4 or so hours. She is supposed to be hooked up to gtube feeds for 24 hours BUT she is still getting 100% TPN nutrition so I figure a kid needs a break. Here are some pictures of today.

I became hungry at about 1pm today and started to pour my cereal in to a bowl, Ava looked up and pointed. I asked her if she wanted some. She shook her head yes so we both sat down and ate a bowl of cereal. She ate about 5 bites (she chewed and swallowed!) then drank all her milk. I sat there just starring at her in amazement! WOW.

I upped her feeds to 13 ml's today. She only threw up about one ounce at about 6:30 right before supper. She still ate her pasta though so I was so glad. Plus we have poo pies a few times a day. We are working on potty training. This is not easy. The other girls were very easy. Ava she gets afraid of things...huh I wonder why she is suspictious of everything!

Then Dr. Ava came to visit me to check how I was feeling. (I was fake sick!) She is so smart she knows exactly where things go. She was in the hospital way too long in her short life. It makes me smile all she knows!

Lisa this is for you. (Lisa is Ava's home health care nurse.) How many kids know where to put the stethoscope when giving a manual blood pressure? I didn't tell her anything she just did this and I took the picture. She learns from the best! Thanks for taking care of Ava so we don't have to go to the doctor.

A lady has to get her bath and play with her toys, right?

Ava happily playing her "Guitar Hero." Oh how she missed this game.

My cutie putootie! Don't you love her head band? It's Minnie ears/hair.

"I ate five pinwheel pastas. Isn't that great? Mommy is so happy."

Ava has the longest tongue I have ever seen. She loves to show it.

Her tummy is healing better than I could have ever imagined. Her mickey button is also doing good too.

Lexis and Emeline are getting worse not better. We decided to take Emeline to the doctor. The nurse asked if it was an emergency. I felt like exploding on her saying this, "My daughter just got out of the hospital and my husband works two jobs, and this is the only night he has off, and I can't leave Ava. Emeline is cold and clammy and coughing her head off, so YES this is our emergency." Why can't people just be nice?

Lexis is throw up sick now. The doctor said Emeline has Strep again and her lungs are probably on the verge of pneumonia so she gave her steroids plus she has to continue her breathing treatments. Oh and she has dandruff! So she has lots of new medicines. I just have to keep them all away from Ava. I've been going nuts with the wipes every where. Call me crazy!

Please pray that Ava stays well in the midst of all the sickness at our house. We can't afford an illness right now.



My Three Sons said...

Boy, if I lived closer I would be over there giving you some respite care. I'm so sorry you had to come home to more sick children. I guess if there is positive in all of this, you get to be home with Ava!

I'm praying everyone gets better soon.

Lacey said...

Hey, I wanted to ask you if Ava would like a blankie? We just started Jaxsons blankies for babes. Usually people send us a message about a child who could use one but we are just getting started so I'm spreading the word and sending them to kido's I know. Post a message on my blog with the things Ava likes, and I will make her a blankie and send it to her. You can give me your address when its done and on my private email. Let me know, I'm dying to do another one for a girl, I've only done one girl so far. Its posted on my blog right now. Lacey

Nancy L said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures! And eating too!. I wish there was more I could do to help besides pray.I am a registered nurse, working for 35+ years now, and can handle 'most any mess thrown at me.If I lived close, I'd be there too.
I would send Lexis and Emeline get well cards as well as Ava. If there is an e-mail address for them, I could send e-cards as there are some really fun interactive cards. I am so sorry they are sick but glad you can be home to watch them too. It is hard for you no matter where you are at, but I'm sure the girls are glad you and Ava are home. I hope you are all feeling better for Valentine's Day.
P.S. Here's my e-mail address so you can e-mail me and let me know if you want me to send the girls cards. And no, I did not choose my e-mail name, my daughter did (she knows how much I hate my middle name as well as the fact I'm not likely to try to change it or make a new e-mail account on my own)Nancy Lewis

Fer said...

Oh I am so sorry to read the girls are sick! I wish I could help you instead of writting here! I'm praying that Ava won't catch any bugs...