Monday, February 2, 2009

Ava is out of PICU!

We just moved to the surgical floor about 3 hours ago. Ava is really restless and has not slept in a few days. I can't tell if it is pain or restlessness. Last night she got panicky and she acts as though someone has a very scary mask in front of her. She can't get into a deep sleep.

They took away her Cloridine from her epideral this morning and guess what? Her high heart rate returned. Huh can anyone hear me? I know things. I told them it was a medicine she was on but they said it wasn't. Why am I always right? Maybe because I know Ava.

She is doing all the right things. Her NG draining went from green to yellow. She did smile for me today. I don't want to be here long. She gets depressed and I want her healing well. She does that best at home.

Miss Ava on surgery morning.

Ava and Daddy right before going in.

I insisted on taking my baby to the surgery room. I was surprised they let me stay until they has sedated her. I had to gown up.

My first picture of Ava right after surgery in the PICU.

Ava's new belly.

Miss Ava and all her equiptment.

Ventilator girl.

Ava getting her second epideral.

No more ventilator!

Lexis and Ava

Ava and Emme.

Lounge girl!

Us leaving the PICU TODAY!

Ava in her new room.

Today for the first time she started to act like our Ava. It was nice to see her sparkle again. She is no where back to normal but she is working hard to get there.



My Three Sons said...

Oh I just want to pick her up and give her a huge hug. And you to mom. I'm so sorry she is going through all of this again. I'm praying that this is the last time.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for Ava -- she has really touched my heart. I pray too that she won't have to have another surgery.

I don't know if this is anything like what Ava is going through, but after each of my (2) cesareans with epidurals, I too have been absolutely restless, with odd dreams, and unable to sleep deeply (I also got the itches, so I can really sympathize with Ava. No, the benadryl made no difference). So, I wonder if she is just reacting from all the sedative/painkilling drugs they've been giving her -- and maybe she will settle down in a day or so. I hope so and I will pray for it.

Owain's mommy said...

Woohoo Ava


Evie's Mommy said...

Terri-Evie & I are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you guys!!! Ava is such a fighter!!! And her new belly is beautiful!
We've been thinking about you and she is in the prayer chain at our church!
Love,Sarah & Evie

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

We are praying for Ava. Our hearts are so sad that she had to go through this again. I remember when I was at the hospital and I hadn't had any sleep for four days I started to think there were dinasours in the room. Shane thought i was going coo coo. Once I got sleep they were gone. give Ava a kiss for us.
Liz and Shane

Fer said...

Praise the Lord Terri!