Monday, February 16, 2009

Doctor's visit tomorrow.

Hello! So Ava will go to the Doctor tomorrow. I was trying to avoid this first check-up since she was doing so well ALL know Ava. She loves to keep me on my toes. Last night as soon as I hit the "publish post" key on the blog she started grabbing at her tummy and crying a little bit. The feeling came and went for about two hours. I was scared and my first thought was, "The surgery, what went wrong?" Then I told myself not to panic that it may just be cramps as her stomach and her intestines have been "out of shape" for quite some time! Then I am almost out of her formula so they will have to get me a bit more until I can get some. As if that isn't enough I was changing her central line this morning and noticed her line was starting to get a tear in it. This is BAD news. Yes they can fix it. You know me I don't like to wait until there is and Emergency room visit. God forbid we have to go into a germ infested place when we don't really need to, right? One last thing she may have a yeast infection. Yea her bottom area was really red last night and today and it was no diaper rash. Okay so a few setbacks but I feel confident that all will go well at this appointment.

Oh yes I will be going all on my own to take Ava to the doctor. My Mother has to work and Brian....well his thing is he is getting the flu....that's what I think. So Daddy has been wearing a mask around the house too! The girls are slowly but surely getting better. I have been hollering at them all day to get their masks on when they are close to her but seems they have become deaf. I just know she is going to get this cold it is only a matter of time. ("PLEASE Lord spare her this cold!")

Good news she is still pooping. Yesterday she only went a tiny little bit and all day we were saying the "God help her go poopy prayers." She decided at that point and time that she didn't need diapers and this is what we got.....

"YES this is MY daughter and YES that is diarrhea. The moral of the story be careful what you pray for because you just might get IT!"

Thanks for your prayers. Miss Ava is quite the gal, as are her two sisters that have been unusually good today, besides not wearing their masks!



Fer said...

Oh Terri, I am praying that Ava doesn't get that cold. Please keep us updated on the doc. appt., ok?

My Three Sons said...

Oh isn't that a proud moment of being a mother? LOL

I hope everyone ges well soon.

Liz and Shane said...

How did the Doctor appt go? I hope Ava is ok.