Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going and going......

"Don't be alarmed this is only a plastic chicken leg!"

Hello to you all! Ava is still doing really well. I want to pinch myself sometimes and see if this is all really true. She only did a little gagging this morning when she first got up. She only threw up about 5 ml's virtually nothing. (Actually I didn't even write it down it was so nothing.)

The girls rested all day and they are feeling better. Lex is almost over with her coughing but Emeline is no where done with hers. Poor babies. Yes they will always be my babies!

Ava's belly measured 48 cm's today! That is great. Lisa came over to take her blood and she was surprised how well she looked. She was happy that she was feeling better. She told me she was really scared for us the last few times she came over before her surgery on the 28th of January. ME TOO!

It's a toss up on what she is going to be when she grows up. I don't know she kinda likes to cook, guys. I know so many of you think the word Doctor will be in front of her name! Here is proof she gets around her kitchen!

Emeline and Lexis were resting all day so they would feel better. They don't want to miss their Valentine Parties at school!

I want to thank my Father, he got me the most beautiful flowers today. I think this is a first. Mom said that he picked them up all on his own. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how God gave me the best parents ever. Mom and Dad you guys are the most loving gracious, kindest parents in the world! I strive to be the parents you were to me! Thanks a million. Dad that meant so much. I will never forget this!

Also Brian and the girls got me these when we came home Monday. It made me feel so welcome! Another good reason to be home!

We are moving the right direction. I am super pleased at how Ava is healing. She is truly a Miracle sent from Above! Thanks for your love, support and many, many prayers!

~The Helmick's


My Three Sons said...

Okay, Ava is such a beautiful baby. I cannot get enough of her cute little smiles.

I hope the girls get to feeling better soon. I know how those school parties are something we all looked forward to when we were kids.

Your story about your dad picking out the flowers himself really brought tears to my eyes. They are lovely.

Take care.

Fer said...

Terri, I'm so happy Ava is doing so well!
Lots of love!

blairspage said...

She seems SO MUCH happier and more comfortable! Go Ava!

Hugs - Tiffany