Monday, August 17, 2009

The Wiggles LIVE…Go bananas!

Hello to our Internet world friends! I’ve worked hard on putting this video together of Ava’s “WIGGLES” Live Concert. I am warning you it is VERY long. She enjoyed herself as you can see as the video goes on. We will never forget this awesome experience.
A Note to the Wiggles: You rocked! Our daughter has loved you for awhile now and you have made her happy over the months she was ill. I can’t begin to thank you for your love of children and making their lives better. I too felt like a child as I sat there and sang your adorable songs. Thanks a MILLION for giving us an amazing night we will always remember! ~Love Brian, Terri and Miracle Ava

Ava is just truckin’ along doing all the things she loves to do. HEr vocabulary is slowly growing. She is now saying “No!” (gotta love that one) “Baby” “Bob” (She still calls me this.) Oh and my special favorite…. “Please?”

I went back down to two cans of Compleat Pediatric at night. Three was making her sick. And with two cans she will eat breakfast for me in the morning. She is gaining weight and is up to 29 pounds. I just talked with Josh our NP. I scheduled her line to be taken out September 21. I am so scared not because I don’t think she is well enough….just that it means if she gets sick we must go to the hospital if she needs fluids. AND for Ava this is not a pleasant thing. I may call and change it to October. (Feel free to give me your opinions!!) I’m concerned with the upcoming fall/winter months ahead where the flu runs rampid that she could benefit from the central line IF we needed it. Although I do know that she can’t keep it forever and it is a HUGE infection risk.

She is really doing great. Her bowel movements are SUPER. Actually they have never been better.

Here are some pictures of Grant’s Farm when we were in St. Louis. Ava was thrilled to ride the “train”. She had a huge smile the entire time.


See her checks?


Miss Ava and Daddy feeding the goat. She liked it at the start but then they started trying to eat her shoes and then she was not a happy girl!


The huge turtle!



Ava following the horse hoofs!


Thanks for your continued messages of support and your prayers. We are thrilled so many still follow Miss Ava in sickness and health. She is our miracle.



Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, she continues to be such a ray of hope for all of us. It's so good to see Ava happy and enjoying life!

DevonLeah said...

I have been without a night nurse twice this week and have spent hours reading about ava. what a blessing it was to me!! She will be in my prayers and I can't wait to follow her progress. God bless!!