Monday, August 24, 2009

Something Up?

Okay so the last two nights Ava has not been sleeping well. Today she spiked a fever. It was 99 for awhile then got to 101. (I was waiting to give her meds to see how high it would help rule out line trouble.) I gave her Tylenol because she said her left ear hurt her. I will get her in tomorrow morning to Dr. Lyons to see if it is an ear infection. She has been dumping a lot of water over her head during bath! She had tubes put in at around 17 months. I'm not sure they are still there. I am praying it is her ears and nothing to do with a line infection. I am watching her closely. Her last line infection started with shivers and fever. So far nothing more than just a bug. I'll keep you informed.

She has been eating great today and nothing else seems to be wrong well except her sleeping disturbances.

Please pray that this is nothing major.



Vicki Jensen said...

Praying that it's not a line infection and if it is an ear infection, that it goes away fast!!

Liz and Shane said...

Praying it is nothing serious and she feels better soon.

Lacey said...

Ugh, hopefully its not her line. We'll be sending good vibes your way.