Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gorgeous Day!

I just have to share how great Ava is doing. She is over her cold. It really didn’t mount to much of anything. She is back up to 3 cans of formula at night…..even at that amount she is beginning to eat breakfast. She has been eating more and more. The girls are both over their colds but now Daddy has it!

The weather here in Iowa has been so beautiful. We are enjoying it. I have started the long project of painting our house. I’m talking about the outside. I have already scrapped a few sides and primed them so now to get the paint and work, work, work.

Many have told me time and time again they want pictures. You all know me I have a million of them so here ya go!

We were walking through the park and she nearly lost her shoe. I adore this picture. Imagine where I must be to get this shot?


Ava playing at Grandma H’s!



Enjoying some cold Lemonade with her big sissy.


Saturday we went to the Fair. Ava loves to see ALL the animals. Here were her favorites.






And a few of tonight at my parents house. This is her innocent look!


Ava closely watching Grandpa work. I asked her to stay back. She listened.


Here is hard working Ava. She HAS to pull this heavy wagon all on her own….imagine that?


Her hair is really growing….it turned out a beautiful picture.


And last but not least…Ava and my Father. These two are always hand in hand on Sunday afternoon.


We found out today that the “Wiggles” Ava’s favorite group will be a few hours away on the 11th. We really want her to see them. I’ll keep you posted. Pray things fall into place and this will be something she can enjoy. Her face lights up just at the mention of going to see them!

Again I feel like a broken record…thanks for all your continued thoughts and prayers. Someone asked me today if I thought we were over it all. I said, “only God knows the answer to that but what I do know is that I will cherish everyday I have and have a smile on my face and a joy in my heart.” God is amazing and he seems to be working in our lives to show us true love and His beauty. Thanks a million for stopping by!



Lacey said...

We went and saw the Wiggles when my boys were younger. Great show, definitely worth it if you can go. She looks beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful pictures. You can really capture the moment! We have seen the Wiggles as well, when Hollie was younger. They put on a great show. You'll have fun!

Kamryn's mommy

Julie said...

Still following your blog from TX, it always builds my faith and uplifts my spirit to see sweet Ava and her wonderful family.

Julie Power

Baby K Mama said...
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