Thursday, August 27, 2009

Central line is OUT!

They took her to surgery at about 8 am. A lot earlier than we expected. She was very nervous as she knows all about every step. It amazes me how much she remembers. I again carried her to surgery and left as soon as she was “sleeping”.

We are now back in our room and she is doing great. She ate a little bit. My mom came with donuts and she ate the center whipped cream out of one! So if she continues to do well and eat we will be leaving this afternoon. She is SO ready and so am I. She misses her sisters.

The blood cultures are all still negative for any infection. As of right now there was no infection in her central line. This is great news. We will be going home with an antibiotic for a few days.

This was right before surgery. We were snuggling.


Ava shortly after surgery in the recovery room.


Ava back in her room enjoying Dragon Tails on TV. She was still not quite all with it yet.


Ava eating the cream…yummy!


We have to get one last dose of her antibiotics (Zocen and Vanco) then we can go….probably this afternoon!

Thanks for checking in and Praise God her line is OUT!


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Lacey said...

Yeah for the line out. Now you know it won't be the source of future fevers. They are nice to have but can cause such problems. Now hurry and get out of there.