Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ava loves the Wiggles!


I am happy to tell you Ava saw the “Wiggles” LIVE in concert last night. She was excited talking about going to the show. Then when we got there she was a little afraid. One thing you have to keep in mind is that Ava has not been around many children or adults. We have sheltered her from sickness and germs. She has never seen more than a few small children at a time in her entire life. She really did not know what to do….a little in shock too! The concert was GREAT! The Wiggles are such happy guys. They are talented. They dance and do flips the whole show. Ava was entranced. I held her at one point but then she wanted down. I made a HUGE sign for her to hold. Murray read it out loud. We were the only ones that had a sparkly sign! We also brought roses for Dinosaur Dorothy!

Thinking about how the Wiggles got Ava through her many, many days in the hospital and how they always seem to make her smile when her little body was fighting so hard makes me know how special they are to her life. It was a “full circle” moment for me. She is getting better and they helped her. We will always be grateful! Her sign says it all, “Miracle Ava loves the Wiggles!”

Before the concert she was all kisses!


Taking pictures around the pond. My sister and her husband made this pond. It is so peaceful and relaxing. We love it!




A few right before the concert.


Daddy got a great picture. Does she not look just like me in this picture?


AND here is Ava at the concert. This is her first expression! She didn’t have any emotion at all. She is much like her Dad….he is hard to read sometimes too!


For those that are not familiar….HERE ARE THE WIGGLES!













AND Murray did acknowledge Ava’s sparkly sign!


Thanks Wiggles for a FANTASTIC show! I am so glad we were able to take her. YES I was afraid of the germs….and yes I was a nervous wreck…and yes I am praying she stays healthy BUT she is ALIVE and is healthy at this perfect moment.

“Thank you Lord, Jesus. I am humbled by your gifts you have given us…. We are honored to be able to hold Ava up to you and count our blessings that she was able to experience something every child should…..THE WIGGLES! Continue to give us the strength to live each day and to never forget your goodness.”

First thing when we got home from St. Louis tonight Ava put her Wiggles movie in the DVD player and proudly held up her sign up to the TV screen. It is something I will never forget. I know she will remember this forever. I know I will!

If you will continue to help us pray Ava stays healthy. Tomorrow she will get a blood test to see how all her levels are doing. I’m pretty confident she is doing fabulous! Also pray fro Lexis she is not feeling well tonight. I hope it is not the flu. Her tummy is really bothering her. Thanks for popping in!



Lacey said...

I know its hard, but you have to put away the germ worries for a night of fun for a little girl who so deserved it. I'm glad she was able to go.

Jaime's World said...

So glad Miss Ava got to go see her favorite characters...LIVE! She looked soooo adorable! As for the germs...well, that's why Purell was invented! (I think we have 5 bottles currently in our house!)
Take care....hoping Lexis is better in the morning!

Sue mom to Emily LCDH 1-22-08 said...

Looks like Ava had a fabulous time with the Wiggles. So glad you were able to get her there. She deserves a special day like this after all she's been through.
I hope Lexis feels better soon.

ps Just checking that Ava received her care package a few weeks back.