Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ava’s fever went away for most of the day. I took her to the ear doctor that confirmed with a test that she had no ear infection. She woke up from her nap with a 101.4 temperature. I called her doctor and they want us to head to the University. (Deep breath) They will culture the blood in her line and also take some blood probably from her arm. Antibiotics will be started. Most likely she will have her line removed tomorrow. I am okay with this. Is it hard? Absolutely. I hate every time I have to lay her on that operating table. It doesn’t get easier. Please, please pray things will go smoothly and we will be back home in a day or two. We just can’t spend her birthday in the hospital.

This is Ava this morning in Dr. Lyons chair.


“Lord please be with Ava. She has been through so much. Her health has been wonderful the last few months and I am going to do every thing in my power to keep it this way. We love that you have given her back her beautiful smile. We trust that you will heal her completely. In Jesus name I pray….Amen.

“Rainbows are just ahead.” I took this picture a few days ago. God is good!




baby c said...

Gosh Terri! I hate reading this. Tis the nature of CDH I guess. It never leaves us alone!

We'll certainly be thinking of you and praying for Miss Ava. Keep us updated when you can.

Paula said...

Praying hard for your beautiful girl and all the family - to give you strength to cope and time without worry ahead. My 16 month old nephew has CDH - the hard times tear your heart out but the good times fill your heart with such joy - more joy hopefully on its' way to you.