Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Living Life!

Hello Ava fans! Life is going spectacular for Ava! We are doing more and more exciting things as a family. This might sound odd to many, but I can count on one hand how many times Ava has been to the park in her three and a half years. She has needed to be extremely protected from the “outside” world. Lately though I’ve put my fears aside so that she can LIVE and enjoy being a three year old little darling! She is living it up! The park is her favorite place now. Our motto now, “So many parks, so little time!”

IMG_1105 copy

IMG_1136 copy

This has got to be one of my favorites! Her and swings go hand in hand.

IMG_1098 copy

IMG_1104 copy

Brian, Ava and I in the park, near this beautiful tree. Lexis and Emeline were at Tae Kwan Do class. I’m hoping to get a family picture soon. Our weather has been so wonderful!

IMG_1094 copy

IMG_1095 copy 

How cute is she?

IMG_1102 copy

Ava had a hearing test today. She did so good that the lady told us if everyone did as good as Ava she would have the easiest job in the world. She sat there very still and was very patient. I have a partial hearing loss (since birth) so I know the tests very well. :)

IMG_1214 copy

Next we went to her ear doctor. He told us she passed the hearing test and her ears looked great. He wants to keep testing her every six months as we have been doing because her left ear was slightly different. We are unsure if this will be “an issue” but we’ll keep our eyes and ears on it!

The reason for the suspicion of a hearing loss is due to the many antibiotics and medicines she has had from birth to present because of complications with her birth defect, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. It adds to her chances since I also have a hearing loss. So far though none of the girls have any hearing issues.

She is growing so big as you can see. She just climbs up in the chair and waits for Dr. Lyons to come in. He is very animated and she likes him.

IMG_1225 copy

Naturally after she did so good I had to reward her by going to the park for a picnic and play time. See how excited she looks after I told her she must eat first!

And off she goes…..


She is not afraid of the big slides….unless they have a roof over them then she wants nothing to do with them. Otherwise, yes she goes down and has little worry. I again put aside my worries as well. I’m so happy she can be a little monkey.

IMG_1247 copy

Walking? No she runs everywhere.

IMG_1257 copy

I couldn’t resist snapping a few extra today. It was a gorgeous 75 degrees out!

IMG_1272 copy

IMG_1276 copy

IMG_1284 copy

Loved ALL these beautiful little pink flowers. It almost looked like snow. I’m in awe of God’s magnificent handiwork. I love Spring!

IMG_1280 copy

Thanks for stopping by and keep saying prayers that Ava remains healthy. We are so Blessed and know how lucky we are to have Ava. She has come so far!



Dotty said...

she is so amazing!!!!

Gabi's Journey said...

Beautiful Pictures!! It is so wonderful to see Ava doing well and enjoying the world around her!!! Our children are truly a blessing!

Liz and Shane said...

love the pictures. you take great shots.

Gracie said...

Ava is an amazing child!!! True miracle of the Lord. We will pray for her, your family and for other babies like her. The Lord is good.Stay strong in the Lord, dear parents ad siblings.
Gracie Gidwani