Friday, April 23, 2010

Ava’s Art of Healing.

Hello Ava followers. Miss Ava is hanging in there. She is still on pain medicine but is weaning off them quite nicely. We have been keeping her finger bandaged and dry so as not to make her finger any worse. We went to a follow-up with her Ortho doctor yesterday and he thought her finger still looked like it was healing nicely… BUT yea there is a but she could still lose this tip if it didn’t complete the healing process. He didn’t know if her fingernail would ever grow back. At this time I’m just really praying that the stitches work and that her finger stays healthy. Ava always has to keep me guessing and being her BIGGEST advocate. Last night she bumped her finger and lost her bandage. She always gets really upset if her “Eww” (that is what she calls it) gets exposed. She hates seeing her “owie.” So I went to get more bandages and as I looked closer I noticed some flesh-like puss coming out of her finger. I was grossed out to say the least AND yet again started worrying, especially after the doctor told me she could still lose it. :( So this morning I called the doctor and told them about the “eww” I had seen last night and again this morning. Her regular doctor was not in but they offered to see her anyway. I was relieved when they told me that it still looked fine. (Ava always seem to pull the weekend, “I’m getting worse but there is no doctors office open” thing.) My fear is that she may lose that finger tip. I can’t let this happen. She has had too many scars already that set her apart from kids her age. I can’t help but ask myself why did this have to happen to Ava?

However she is a firecracker and NOTHING and I mean nothing stops her. I wish I had half her strength and courage.

After her appointment today we went by the water fountain, in the hospital, to throw her coins in and “make a wish”…. she loves doing that. What a sweetheart she truly is. Then we were on our way to Wal-mart to get her some Dora and Scooby bandaids. It is nice being able to just put regular bandaids on now. Bath time is a bit tricky but we make it work. :)


A picture of her sore finger up close today.


PLEASE join with us and pray again for Ava and complete healing. I know that if her stomach can totally close by itself in four months that this little finger can heal totally. She gets her stitches out next Thursday. I was glad they are leaving them in for fourteen days. She is such a reminder of God’s love!



Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet Ava, I just know your finger will be fine. God bless you Sweetie. I am praying for your complete healing. I just love seeing your pictures your dear Mama takes of you. Susan

Fer said...

I'm sorry about her finger!

Anonymous said...

im sorry for your finger Ava, but c'mon, you passed through soo much, finger is just a tiny thing:)get well little finger:)

i did not find another way to write to your mama, except posting this comment, but we, me and my husband, are expecting our second daughter, who was diagnosed DH a week ago, at 21 week gestation...we were told there is no chance for survival at all. We live in Ukraine, and in-utero operations are not done here yet, and after birth - doctors say she doesnt have even a 1% chance...but all i have read so far tells that such babies can be treated and operated and do have a chance. we are christians, we refused abortion and do hope for God's miracle...but the problem is that doctors do not explain clearly what is expecting us except our second baby's death. i would be very greateful for your story and information, what you have gone through when Ava was born...we pray, we hope, but deperations come so unexpectedly and i can't help myself stop crying. we know that she is God's hands, it's just difficult to face that thigs can turn out to be not so good.

my email is, my name is Kate.

greateful for baeing responsive in advance.

God bless Ava, se is a real testimony to His glory and power!!!