Friday, April 16, 2010

Ava’s Ordeal tonight

So all was going well today until the window came down on Ava’s finger. One of my friends were over to visit with me from Idaho. We heard her cries…Brian got to her before I did. When I picked her up I noticed her finger looked odd. I looked a little closer and saw that it was hanging by skin at the tip. I asked Heidi to look at it but knew it was pretty bad. We all agreed we needed to hurry to the Emergency Room. I started feeling light headed and knew that was a sign for me that I was going to pass out. I reasoned with myself that the feeling would pass as I knew I needed to be the strong one in this very delicate situation as I had done so many times before. NOPE couldn’t control it. I awoke to chaos and knew I had fallen with Ava. It took me several minutes to “wake up” fully and realize that Brian had taken her to the ER. Thank God that Heidi was here… Heidi’s son was also born with CDH (Ava’s birth defect) She has had to become like me a make shift nurse. She was so calm and reassuring that everything was fine and that Ava was being taken care of and that I should just try and get better myself.

Marsha my sister in law rushed here and she took me to the ER. There I found Ava snuggled in her Daddy’s arms. I felt relieved. They took x rays and didn’t find any broken bones. We were glad to hear that.

Yes I did grab my small camera as I was heading out the door..…you know me. Still quite shaken up from falling but still aware that pictures are needed.

Ava ER with finger 002

Prepare yourself. It actually looks good in this picture. The way they had her hand made it come back together. The underneath was the only skin holding it on.

Ava ER with finger 003

Ava did well with them numbing her up. (A few very loud screams.) She watched every move the doctor made while sewing her finger back on. I’m still not feeling quite up to par but have to be here for Ava.

Ava ER with finger 008

They bandaged her up and on the way home she feel asleep. May have been a good thing she skipped her nap today. I have to admit for her first “normal” kid thing it was no fun. Please keep Ava in your prayers.



Liz and Shane said...

I was just about to read your new post then I saw this. I am so sorry. Ava is a strong little one. I hope she gets better soon.

Jaime's World said...

OUCH! Poor little thing! I know, isn't it weird for them to have "normal" injuries? Hoping she feels better soon. I know today her finger will probably be very sore! (Thanks for the pics, you're like me, I take photos of EVERYTHING!)
Take care, hugs!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Poor thing!! I'm glad they were able to repair it! My pinky tip came completely off when I was 8 in the door of our house, but my mom (found it in the door) took me to the ER & they were able to re-attach it :) I'm hoping Noah doesn't have anything like that either, once you've done CDH who needs the "normal" kid stuff :) Glad you are BOTH okay!!