Thursday, March 25, 2010

A New Day!

Hello to All! I feel like it’s been ages since I posted. Ava has been doing pretty good. We are praising God that she is staying well. It is hard to imagine last year at this time she was fed by a central line in her upper chest area. We endured a hospital stay to remove an infected line a few days before Easter but ended up going home Easter day, thanks to a wonderful doctor. A lot has gone right this year and we are just thrilled by her progress. Her speech teacher can’t believe she is the same little girl. Her vocabulary has grown from a few words to a few hundred. She is putting four words together at a time. We can easily understand her needs and wants. I marvel at her daily. She has been through so much and yet you would never know. Some days it is hard to hold back the tears of pure thankfulness I feel. Why am I SO extremely blessed? God is GOOD!

The things she hates….having her hair done and watching her sisters go off to school. She loves helping me around the house and yes she still loves Dora but has added Scooby Doo to the mix!

We are still feeding Ava two cans of Complete Pediatric through her g tube about 6 days a week. We generally take Saturdays as her day of rest. She is so used to the ritual that she gets her supplies out herself and waits on her bed until we come and get everything set up. It takes a good ten minutes to “Hook her up” and this is our time we love on her :) She never complains about the tube or the Pulsox monitor that gets put on her foot to help alert us if something goes wrong with her during the night. I’ve gotten used to the alarms going off 2-5 times a night if the tubing gets kinked, formula runs low or tubing gets wrapped around her neck. (Yes it has happened more times than I want to count.) If it helps her grow then we can manage. I’m just honored that God let her stay with us and that He has healed her the way that He has. I can’t look too far into the future BUT I know He will always be here and that is what makes me want to sing each and every day. So as of now we rejoice that life is quite BORING again. We adore boring!

Here is Ava and her new desk that I mentioned in the last post. We got this desk from They have some great things and reasonably priced.

She still loves to play “Peek-a-boo”!


I decided that after we dropped Lexis and Emeline off at Tae Kwan Do tonight that I was going to take some pictures of Ava. I can’t believe how tall she is getting. She is really something else and has quite the personality to match her life story. In one word she is “Amazing” to us.

IMG_0532 copy

IMG_0533 copy

IMG_0531 copy

IMG_0528 copy

IMG_0529 copy

IMG_0535 copy

IMG_0539 copy

IMG_0540 copy

IMG_0545 copy

IMG_0555 copy

IMG_0554 copy

I did want you all to check out a new Facebook page I started called “Advocate for your Child”. I believe without a doubt that Ava was sent to us so that we could help others going through tough times. I know all too well what a true friend is and I’ve met MANY wonderful parents along the way that have given me great advice. If I can help I’m there. Please feel free to “become a fan”. I give many great tips on how to speak up for your child.

Thanks for dropping by and for all your thoughts, love and prayers. We know that if God is on our side we WILL go far!



Liz and Shane said...

Ava has come a long way! She looks adorable! I can't believe how much she has grown. I am so glad things are going so well. I will continue to pray it stays that way.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Monclair said...

God bless you, Ava...
You're a special girl.
Kisses from Brazil.