Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wherever you go I go!

We are stuck like glue these days. Where ever I she goes there I am as well!

Hello to all on this very chilly evening! So Ava is such a happy, go lucky child. She has been trying to communicate with us a lot more lately. She uses sign language but half the time it is her own she we are not always sure what she means! She gabbers but doesn't say many words. Her speech teacher called a few days ago and ask how everything was going. I told her all about her attempts at talking and she was impressed. However I told her that for right now I'm not going to allow people in the home even to help her learn for fear of them bringing germs to us.

I was reminded today by one of my best friends in the world, Stacie, just how far Ava has come. She pointed out that we have almost been home a MONTH! I remember she wasn't even walking by herself when we left the hospital and now she goes everywhere carting her IV pole right along with her! In fact she was a little on the rough side this morning and the pole came down on top of her. I was worried but all was well.

Ava is still throwing up but some days it seems to be a little better. Here is a recent picture of her stomach, as you can see it is growing together, which is a great thing. They will definitely have to close her but we just aren't sure when that will be yet. This throwing up has got to stop that is for sure! Sorry if it grosses you out.

Here are some pictures of her this week!

Ava and Daddy sleeping so peacefully I couldn't resist a picture!

A Super special thank you to two wonderful ladies. First on Saturday Marian form Princess Projects came and delivered us a fine roast beef and ham super with all the fixings. It was so GOOD! And then to Ava's "new" adopted grandma from the C.O.L.E.S foundation for sending the girls some wonderful Christmas presents. I was in tears that someone that doesn't know us would go out of her way to make our children feel so special this holiday! God is so good! So a huge shout out to both of you, ladies~ THANK YOU!

God Bless you all and thank for stopping by to check on Ava.

~Terri and Brian Helmick


blairspage said...

Awesome new pictures! I know how it goes with the germs! UGH! It's so hard making everyone understand how we have to stay couped up because of that!

Big Hugs - Tiffany

Vicki Jensen said...

I love the new photos. YOu all look great. I love the photo of Ava and her daddy sleeping. She'll treasure that one when she's older. I hope the vomitting gets better soon.

Always thinking of you guys,

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

You all look great. I love your haircut! The picture of Ava and her daddy is so sweet. Her stomach is looking alot better. We pray her vomitting stops.

Jaime Smith said...

Love the pic of the two of you and I hate to say it, but she looks adorable with that short hair. She has come a long way and will continue to do better as the prayers are coming your way.

Hope you all have a great Holiday season!
Jaime, David, Reggan, and Ryann