Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Where's the bucket?"

Hello Ava Followers!

So today was not so fun. The title is what I was saying all day long. Poor baby she threw up about 3 times today and the first two were large volumes. The swallow study test really took a lot out of her. I think the Barium they use does a number on her organs. They tell you that it is not supposed to but I know better.

So she has been a little down. However she still smiles and laughs so hey that's a good thing! She was really excited when her sisters got home. She seemed hungry today but everything she ate well ended back up in the bucket!

I think I forgot to mention that the culture that they took on Friday came back negative. I was so relieved. That is wonderful news.

I changed her Hicmann line tonight and it still looks good. I change it three times a week, Monday, Wednedsday and Friday. I used to have Brian help with this "procedure" but Ava does well with just her and I so we now try to do it around 3 pm before the girls get home from school. She is so brave. It hurts me sometimes to know all she has been through yet she still amazes me with her strength.

To God be the GLORY! He loves us and He wants to see our lives happy! I just am honored that He has shone us so many miracles. Please pray that she stays healthy so we can continue to be home for the holidays.

I found Ava's Christmas picture from last year. I thought it would be fun to compare her to this year. As you can see she is still wearing the same red dress. I just love it! She looks so little, well she was, I guess!

Again thanks for checking in on our Ava. She is a light that is brighter than any of us know! I'm just honored to be her Mommy!



Liz and Shane Nelson said...

We hope Ava starts keeping her food down. The thought of her throwing three times makes us sad. What a little champ for her to keep smiling and being happy. Way to go Ava, you are so strong!
We love her pictures, she is so cute!

Vicki Jensen said...

Hi Terri. She looks so little in her photo from a year ago! They get big so fast. We are constantly thinking of Ava and hope she continues to mend.

blairspage said...

I keep praying that she stops throwing up. Do they know why she continues to do so?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! It's cute to see the comparison pictures... I do that all the time with the girls!

Hugs - Tiffany

Fer said...

Many prayers for little Ava.