Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Hello to you all! We are well here I just wanted to pop on to share one of my many talents. So if you know anything about me ~ Lexis, Emeline and Ava's Mommy you would know my favorite thing in the world to do is SING! I've been singing since I was old enough to talk. That is mostly how I get through life. I take an obstacle or journey and I add music. I suppose that is the reason I wrote the song about Ava's and her friend's cdh, "Little Angels" I wanted to people to identify with what I went through. I want to shout out in my own voice, "Listen to me I have something to tell!" So this morning I woke and I was just thanking God for all that was around me when a thought popped into my head. I am going to get up and record one of my favorite Christmas songs. The name of it is, "Sweet Little Jesus Boy."

God really has blessed us far beyond measure. I remember as though it was yesterday getting the news from my OB doctor that Ava's chance of survival at birth was only 20-30%. I felt as though my world was coming crashing down around me and I had no where to hide. I prayed to God to give me the strength to face the unknown. I didn't realize what I was asking, such a large-scaled task. But through it all I've learned to trust in Him and His goodness and mercy. At times I had to beg Him to show me His presence. Have you ever been so troubled or down that you lost sight of WHO was in control? The neat part is that God knows our hearts even when we are too defeated or tired to call on Him. The road looks bleak and we just don't know if what we want is what He wants. It's so difficult to give your whole heart to Him. I ask you today, Does Jesus have you? Are you willing to let Him carry your burdens and your pain? He loves you and He wants to if only you will ask Him!

He paid the ultimate price. His son. I leave you with me singing, "Sweet Little Jesus Boy"

Happy Holidays!

~The Helmick's


Kathyb1960 said...

That's a beautiful song! When I sang in the Church choir about 25 plus years ago, for Christmas we did a musical selection, and that was one of them. Also, we sang Mary's Boy Child, Jesus Christ.

But I song that I love and don't get to hear too much is Welcome To My World by Chris Rice. Do you know that song? It's short, and I love it. K-Love has played it a few times, but not nearly enough!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and you all are in my prayers!

God bless ya!


Liz and Shane Nelson said...

Terri you have such a beautiful voice. Thank you so much for posting a video of you singing. We love it!