Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Whole Family in the Homecoming Parade.

We had such a great night. We walked in the Burlington Homecoming Parade with Lexis and Emeline's Elementary School. They are the Grimes Bulldogs. Brian wore the bulldog costume. He was sweating badly. Poor guy couldn't see very well where he was going. I decided a few days ago that we were going to make a small float. So after about 10 hours of labor the float took flight. It really turned out spectacular. Lexis helped me the most although Emeline tried. Ava rode in it during the Parade. We go lots of compliments on how adorable it was. Everyone "Ohhed and Ahhed" at little Ava. She looked like a sweetheart sitting in that decked out float. One side of the float said, "Bulldogs" and the other said, "Grimes." On the back well I put the face of a Bulldog. I'll probably take it to the school and see if they want to hang it up for a little while. We plan on saving it all and doing it again next year.

Ava giving us her touchdown pose!
See Ava wasn't scared of Brian because we got the costume ahead of time and she saw that it was only her Daddy. It was so cute she waved to him the entire parade. He couldn't see her but it was sweet. I didn't dare push him holding her for a picture. Maybe next time. He was so hot. I could feel the sweat as I guided him along! He said he could see very little. The children loved him. I don't think he's ever had that many hugs in his life! I warned him each time they would get in front of him, or else he would have plowed into them! Gotta love a Bulldog, huh?

We really had a great night. I'm so glad we went. It was supposed to rain but I believe God knew this was exactly what I needed. Well what the whole family needed!


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melissa said...

I do not know you and I looked at your blog for the first tiem today through angel Elli's page. Thank you for putting in facts about CDH. I have only just heard of this defect through Elli's page and following her journey. I want to congragulate you for doing your part to bring awareness. It is a devestating defect and I have learned a lot reading your blog and Elli's page! You've done a job well done!