Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Speech lesson and New braces!

Ava had her first speech lesson this last Monday. Her teacher came to the house and Ava instantly liked her. She is an older lady and they just sat on the floor and played like long time friends. She noticed that Ava said all her vowels but not many real words. The last week she is becoming more and more interested in copying what we all say. On Saturday we were in the car and Emeline jokingly asked Ava what A T spelled. We were all shocked when Ava replied really loudly, "AT!" I wish I would have had a video camera. You had to be there to actually believe it. Emeline was amazed. Those are the things in life that stay in your memory

Well we finally got her braces. They are so cute. It had been a while since she wore any braces so she is not fond on putting them on. They stabalize her ankles and keep them in an upright position. Normally her ankles collapse when she walks. The shoes are size 6.5. Her foot size is 5. They look really big but that is what fit these new braces. I didn't think her feet grew that much but boy they did! She walks very stiff in them. The lady told me it would feel like you were walking in ski boots. She will grow accustomed to them in no time. Her orthopedic doctor said we should notice a difference right away if they are helping her or not. The bad thing is that they take so long to put on. I just hope they help her.


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Taryn said...

I had to wear braces...those are a lot cuter than mine.