Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ava and Airplanes.

We watched an airshow this last Saturday and Ava is in love with airplanes now. Her newest word is "WOW!" She is so precious. I can't help but smile everytime I hear her say it. Yesterday we were in Wal-Mart and she was pointing and saying it loudly. Everyone would smile from ear to ear when they heard her say it.

Without further ado here is a sample of the Burlington air show.

In case you are wondering what magazine she was looking at the entire airshow it was a "Little People" catalog. Yes she still is in love with them as well! She was very upset when we had to leave to get her afternoon nap in. Can anyone say, "Screaming?"

Her speech lessons have been going great. She is trying to say what we say but sometimes a different sound comes out. We still give her lots of praise. We know in time we will be asking ourselves why we rushed the talking. I hope you all have a great day. It is gorgeous here, sunny and 80 degrees!


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Liz and Shane Nelson said...

Ava you are the cutest! You all look like you had a fun day! Thanks for sharing.