Monday, September 1, 2008

"Happy 2nd Birthday, Ava!"

Ava had such a good day yesterday. She took an early nap before her party and this time her Daddy found her in her bed with poo, poo on her hands! That child of mine. I think she is trying to tell us she is all geared up for her "terrible two's!" I just couldn't believe that she was two. I think because of all we went through with her it seems it should be many more years that just two. I have to think back on her birth and not dwell on all the hard-ache and pain we felt on this day. I remember them opening the door so I could see her before they took her to the nicu. My heart just dropped when I saw her hooked up to all those wires and her tiny face was covered in tape. I was so scared. Here is a picture Brian snapped as soon as they let him see her. She was 45 minutes old.

She was so strong. She had her own little personality back then. It was an awesome thing to witness her courage and strength. Many times I would pray by her bedside and sing to her. I wanted her to know we were there for her, always.

This is her at her 1st birthday party. My little girl is growing up fast!

Emotionally I did great yesterday. There was only a few times I got a little bit sad thinking of "what she was going through two years ago." I also felt robbed again of her newborn days. That is not the way it is supposed to be. Many Moms take for granted that their babies are born healthy and they get to go home in two days. There are many emotions to this birth defect. Just when I think I have felt them all something new pops up.

We had her birthday party at Mazzio's. We invited only a few people. I created and ran a slideshow of her many pictures adding up to this special day. We ate pizza and then let her open her presents. She wasn't fond on the cake but loved the ice-cream. She was so happy to be able to get down and run around. I found the cutest birthday hat the other day. She looked adorable in it. I was surprised that she wanted to wear it. She would stop and pose for anyone that wanted to take her picture. This year she loved to unwrap her presents. Her biggest thrill was to open her cards. She is constantly making me laugh. There is never a dull moment with Ava. I am in the process of making a video but for now here is a few of my favorite birthday pictures.

Lexis and Emeline made the beautiful sign hanging over our heads. It was just perfect and added so much to the party! I was so proud of them for doing this for me. They did an amazing job!

The "Wonder" of being two! We are so blessed. Lexis and Emeline loved to be helpers at the party. Lexis is at the perfect age to help with decorations and with clean-up. Emeline was good at getting the presents and getting them to Ava. What a great day!



Vicki Jensen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVA!!!!!!! What a big, beautiful and healthy little girl you are. I love your dress! I'm so glad you all had a great day. Each birthday for these little miracle babies is something special and cause for a huge celebration! I told Jack it was Ava's birthday and he started to clap his hands!


Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Ava! You are amazing :)