Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Ava!

Hello Ava followers! I can't believe Ava turns 8 today.... where has the time gone? I know many of you have been with us from our very first days. My first blogging happened on Carepages. (And still do!) So much has happened in her life! We knew of Ava's diaphragmatic hernia when she was just 19 weeks gestation. Doctor here in Iowa gave us literally no hope. (Odd fact... there was no surgeon at Iowa Children's Hospital at the time of Ava's birth.) We were so glad God led us to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I remember telling Brian that I was going to do everything in my ability to try and save her. I knew that half of all babies born with CDH passed away. We prayed so much for her. We had so much support from family and friends. When we decided to move our family 16 plus hours from our home that we were trusting God and that there was no way we could even look back and wished we could have done more. We did all the right things. CHOP was leading the research in diaphragmatic hernia care. It wasn't a fluke that He gave us the top surgeon in the world. No it was God's plan for Ava's life!

It always shakes me when her birthday rolls around. Last night tears came to my eyes just thinking about the struggle that we faced... and the pain and tolerance Ava endured.

I always take pictures of the girls on her birthday. Here are a few we took this morning. She's our little Miracle!

Thanks for all your love, prayers and support!


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