Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cold... we don't like you!

Good morning Ava fans! So Ava wasn't even in school a full week when she got a cold. (Her symptoms started Thursday.... runny nose, and scratchy throat. Then Sunday she started coughing. A LOT!) I took her to the doctor on Monday. She had a really bad ear infection but the doctor said her lungs sounded clear. I started her Prednisone as soon as the coughing began as her lung doctor suggests plus albuterol treatments or inhalers. She didn't improve much and stayed home Monday and Tuesday from school... all the while coughing and coughing. Last night she complained that her lungs felt tight and that it hurt to breathe. I always feel so bad for her as I don't know this feeling and can not relate. I kept her in her "sick" bed. (Her bed in our room she sleeps in when she isn't feeling well.) I hooked up the monitor and her oxygen levels were okay all night. She ranged from 94-98. She did have a few night coughing spells but overall she did much better last night than the nights before.

So we discussed school yesterday and I asked her if we could try to send her back tomorrow and see how she would do. It was like a foreign language to her. We always keep her home until she gets better... however I'm afraid as she gets older and 2nd grade moves much faster that she will fall behind very quickly. I went in this morning and talked to her teacher and gave her "the list" of things to look out for and to have her call me if any concerns arise.

My fear is that already being down with a cold she will pick up something else. I just want to see her get better and do well in school. This is just a trial run. If it doesn't work we will have to go back to keeping her home until the cold passes. She can tell me now how she is feeling so that is comforting. I told her I would pick her up for lunch and get in a breathing treatment. She was glad to hear that.

Please pray that this all works out and she gets over this cold. It seems the longer she is out of school the worse it is to get her to go back. She is a lot stronger than she used to be!

Here is Ava doing a breathing treatment. We switch off with treatments and inhalers as she is getting older. Last night she was watching a movie on my laptop and didn't want to hold it so therefore the mask was her friend!

Thanks for thinking of us.

~The Helmick

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