Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This isn’t Cold season.

Hello everyone! As you see in the title Ava caught a cold. She has a really runny nose. It doesn’t seem to be slowing her down though. Emeline probably brought it home from summer school. Emeline’s been battling this cold for about 5 days now. She coughs a lot.  I’m praying Ava does get too bad. Poor Lexis has it too. Her and Ava got it the same day. She said “Mom I feel miserable…take me to the doctor.” I told her that Ava had it too. The doctor can’t do much unless you have a fever and show other symptoms. If they get worse they always have breathing treatments…so far we are not there.

I took Ava to visit her new Family Practice doctor on Monday. I was very glad they were able to get us right back. I just can’t have her near sick people, especially with her central line. Speaking of her line, we don’t use it but I still have to flush it once a day. I use a Saline then a Heperin. The plan is to have it removed at the end of August. (Which is NEXT month.) I would like to keep it a wee bit longer perhaps September. Here is my reasoning……I in no way want to believe or think about her having additional problems BUT by her past history it does happen. She hates the hospital. We can avoid the hospital if she keeps the line. I would be able to give her nutrition through her veins. Last time her problems started three months after surgery. The good thing with “this” last surgery then all the ones before is that she was able to eat by mouth so things were already moving through….after surgery she picked right back up to eating. I have to be on guard every second. Oh how I PRAY this is it for her and she is now on the road to recovery for good. We know that having a foreign object in our bodies (her gortex patch) can lead to rejection. It is still hard to think that her body literally “ate” the first patch and got terribly stuck causing a total bowel obstruction. How does that happen?

This is Miss Ava and Dr. DeLarosa. She explained to me that she would love to see Ava for all the minor kid stuff but she would send her to Iowa City if anything serious came up. I was thinking… “I know when things are serious and I wouldn’t come here.” I hope I wasn’t too much for her. I have heard I get over bearing sometimes…..naaaa not me?We just need a doctor local to help in the small things. She is a typical kid, in that she gets colds and scraps and broken bones. Okay let’s scratch the last one! Don’t need that.


Ava getting her STICKERS for a job well done! We will be back for her 3 year check very soon! Oh Hannah the nurse is in this picture. I really like her!


Sunday the whole family went out to my parents house. We love to walk down and see the horses. They are such beautiful animals. Lexis and Emeline got to ride one of the last week. They LOVED it!

See how gorgeous the sky was that day? You just have to step back and thank God for all that beauty!


This outfit was picked out by Ava herself….perhaps she felt a little patriotic?


She is not afraid of the horses at all. They are really large too. I remember one time they got out of the fence and was in my parents yard. We were supposed to get a bucket with some food in it and lead them back to their field… don’t realize how huge they are until you are standing next to them with nothing in between you and them!


Ava likes to make me nervous. She has been trying to jump off stairs. See?


I made home made ice-cream a few days ago and this is what Miss Thing did with the lid……. “Yep this is my child! So happy she loves being a kid!”


Thanks for stopping by and please continue to keep praying for Ava’s healing and her Total recovery. We know that God is working it all out.

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Lacey said...

I'll have to go check out the new site. I'm glad Ava continues to do well, I think she's finally through this dark time, Yahoo

Liz and Shane said...

I hope all your girls feel better soon. I am praying Ava fights her cold and gets well fast.
The sky is beautiful! Glad she isn't afraid of horses. That is great!

My Three Sons said...

It looks like she is having a great time. I will continure to pray for sweet Ava.

The picture with the big white clouds are gorgeous. What a great picture.

Hope the yucky colds go away soon.