Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Home and Check-up


So we made it home fine from St. Louis. We had a super time with my sisters. Ava had a follow-up surgical appointment today. All is going well. I asked to keep the central line for a few extra months just for precautionary measures. I’m praying this is the end of all surgeries or for a while but we still have to be safe.

She is finally on the growth chart. She is now 28 pounds. That means she is 25% for weight and 75% for length…go figure! We are going to wean her off tpn this week. I will just have to flush her line once a day and keep her dressings changed just as always. Josh was happy with how she looked. Were not able to see doctor Shilyanski…he was just too busy and I didn’t want to wait any longer. We had already waited a whole hour….if anything God is teaching me patience! Here are the girls at the doctors today.


Monday we went to the St. Louis Zoo with my sister Amanda and her kids. Ava was simply in Heaven. She enjoyed it so much. I am so glad we took a chance and went away.




Blain, Abby, Lexis, Ava, Emeline and Jaz



AND who knew Ava was a musician. She had a blast this night!



Perhaps she will be a singer. She has never thrived attention but Sunday night she DID. It was so great to see this side of her. We all had so much fun. Here is me and two of my sisters.


Again thanks for your continued prayers for Ava. We are loving how well she is doing.



Stephanie said...

Terri, sorry I misplaced your email address. My lil man is still having Gi problems we have learned are a result of his CDH. He just came home from a week inpatient and had to have his g tube switched to a GJ. He's still dealing with alot of bilious drainage from the G port and his doc is worried. He had a blockage that was fixed, but he's conserned that his intestine may have malrotated again.
Did Ava have any malrotation or volvulus problems in her intestines.
You can check out more on the details at my blog "the life and times of a woman on a mission"

My Three Sons said...

I live just a few hours from St. Louis (in Kansas City) and we visit there often because of soccer. I have always enjoyed going to that zoo. St Louis and Omaha are by far my favorites!

Everyone looks like they are having a great time. Good to see all the smiles!