Friday, July 24, 2009

Beautiful Healthy Eyes!

Hello Ava followers! I hope you all all doing well. I have been worried for a while now about Ava’s vision. She watches the TV way too close. I’m constantly telling her to sit back. I knew all too well this is a sign that may need glasses. Her older sister Lexis got her first pair of glasses at two and a half. I was putting it off because her health always seems more important than her eyes. SO I finally got her in to the eye doctor AND I was so relieved when after he examined her he looked at me and said, “Ava you have beautiful, healthy eyes. And your vision is totally normal.” Now did I hear him correctly. “Normal?” Funny how I never seem to hear those two words ever used in the same sentence…..Ava and Normal. I was nearly in tears. God spared her eyes. What a huge blessing! The doctor was impressed at how she sat there on my lap very still. He mentioned she was his best two year old patient EVER! I am not surprised. He was the only doctor that did not physically hurt her. (Pretty sad right?) She did not enjoy getting her eyes dilated but the there were no tears.



I got a call this week from our Nurse Practioner, he told me that her Albuterman (I know I butchered the spelling) levels were a little low with the blood test on Monday. The funny thing was that about 5 days before I had been thinking I wanted her to gain more weight so I had started to increase her feeds at night. I had jumped on it before the doctors. (Anyone shocked?) So she has been getting 3 cans of Complete Pediatric a night. (750 calories) That is 75% of of the nutrition she needs in one day. It seems she has a really hard time of putting weight on. This is nothing new however. Miss Ava has been like this her entire life…’s just now we can pump her up at night! She is up to….ready for this? 75 ml’s an hour! I increase it slowly and so far she doesn’t seem to notice. For all those that can remember….I couldn’t increase her feeds past 40 ml’s before this last surgery. That is almost double! I am so happy with her overall health. She is coming along far better than I ever dreamed!

Here are a few pictures of the last few days.



I have to say thank you to Shera for this gorgeous hat she sent Ava the other day. It is so cute on her. Thanks for thinking and praying for our little Princess. You blessed my day!


I love this picture of Ava and my Mother. “Mom you are still so beautiful and I love you! I will cherish this picture forever!”


Today we went to the Water/Pond place her in our town. I was truly taken back at the beauty that surrounded us. You KNOW I had my camera and here are my favorite shots of Miss Ava.



This pond had huge fish in it. One was about 3 feet long! I had never seen a pond fish that big! Ava loved it.


I even got in a few pictures!


What a gift. “Lord thank you for the gorgeous plant around us. It is through nature we see how your love abounds. Thank you for making Ava so full of life and for continuing to heal her body. We love and praise your name.”

Thanks for checking in on Ava. She continues to amaze us.


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Stephanie said...

I'm so glad she's doing well, Ava always seems to lift my spirits and give me hope for my own little man's future.