Saturday, July 11, 2009

“Fun in the Sun!”


Ava is just doing fabulous. I paused a few minutes today and just prayed and thanked God with ALL my heart for how well things are going. Ava is the best health ever. She is gaining weight and truly having no pain or discomfort at all. She is always dancing or singing…..and smiling! Tears filled my eyes as I thanked Him…..I am just so happy.

Today I spent pressure washing the house as we are getting ready to paint it. We have done it before with the help of my Mom and his but this time it will probably me and Brian. I don’t mind. I love to paint. Anyway while I did this the girls were taking turns carrying Ava around the pool. She was ALL smiles and giggles.




She also had her own pool.


She has been learning a whole bunch of words. Her speech is improving so much. A great sign that things are healing and she is moving onto bigger and better thing.

Here are a few pictures over the last few days.

This was Thursday night…the last night of TPN!!! No more feeds through her Hickman (central) line. (The white bag is tpn and the bag with the blue lid is her g tube feeds. Which she gets 500 ml’s a night.)


Wagon ride with Grandpa.


Big smiles….so precious and so blessed!


A walk with grandpa.


Dancing girl.




And as the sun goes down tonight and each night please tell God what a blessing your life has been. We learn and grow through trying times in our lives. As I took this picture a few nights ago I stood in “Awe” of God wonders. He did this for us!


God bless you all as you walk in His light. Ava is proof there are miracles and “Angels” among us!

~Terri Helmick


Jaime's World said...

Really, Terri, can she be any cuter?
So glad to hear that Ava is doing better! YEA!!!!
Big hugs to all of you!

Lacey said...

Her hair is getting longer and longer. She looks better than ever!

kmm0305 said...

What a year, huh? Ava is looking so good, you can tell that it is a reflection of how she is feeling. It has been many months since we met last October, but Ava and your family has never been far from my mind. Continue to enjoy the summer, it is what makes living in Iowa worth it! :) My girls can't wait until the "good" sweet corn is ready.

Stephanie said...

So glad to see that happy smile returning!
Ava gives me so much hope, keep on getting better and better sweetie pie!

Bryan said...

I am really happy for your family. Glad you are enjoying this precious time of healing and happiness. Thanks for your comment on my site. It does give me hope to remember how bad Ava was and to look at her now! I hope this good health goes on for a very long time.
Pam Winter

Darcy said...

It is so great to see Ava doing so well, it just makes my heart smile to see her happy and healthy.
Praise God, she is such a miracle!

My Three Sons said...

What great pictures. The love those girls have is undenialable!

How did you get the black and white with the blue? That is awesome.

Beautiful sunset as well. I think I could just stare at the picture all night long.