Monday, August 4, 2008

Fabulous Weekend!

Ava proudly displaying her "unbroken" egg!

All the cousins playing "Don't break the egg." Ava naturally had to play with them.

Ava loved my sisters dog Freddy. He loved her too! They were so adorable playing together. She even went in to explore his dog house. Oh Ava!

Freddy taking Ava on a walk! Two seconds after this picture she was pulled so hard by him that she had to let go of his leash. Boy if you could only hear the shrill she let out.

Ava in her portable bed. She has almost out grown out of it. She is now 34 inches long! Her feet touch the bottom and her head is all the way at the top. If only we could get her to grow out instead of up!

Here is us getting ready to leave for the Boyz II Men concert. Aunt Mary, Me and Aunt Amanda. Oh how I needed to get away. The concert was amazing.

We always have such a great time at Amanda and Jason's house. Thanks so much Amanda for letting us stay. The concert was exactly what I needed! We also stopped by my other sister Tina's house to celebrate Josh's 6th Birthday. Tina we loved the homa-made icecream. We all had such a wonderful time.


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